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Australian Healthcare System - Essay Example

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One of the finest healthcare systems in the world is found in Australia; nevertheless, it has several problematic areas linked to health inequity and disparities in accessing health services(Kebede-Francis,2011) .Some of the causative factors to such inequalities comprise age,…
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Australian Healthcare System
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Download file to see previous pages ,2012).Regardless of the fact that the Australian government has been endeavoring to tackle this issue and has commissioned multidisciplinary teams to regions dwelt by the Aborigines ,disparities in health still persist because of economic, social, geographical, biological and cultural influences .The objective of this paper is presentation of a critical analysis of the present Australian Indigenous health care system, its past background and pressing issues that require immediate address (Kronenfeld,2009).
The phrase Indigenous Australians means numerous Aboriginal together with Torres Strait Islander groups representing no less than 2.4 percent of Australia’s total population (Turale & Miller,2008).Significant gaps are present between the well-being and health of Indigenous Australians and the non-Indigenous ones (Department t of Health,2014;Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,2010;Department of Human Services,2014; Turale & Miller,2008 & Australian Government,2014).Thus, for example and as will be elaborated at length in following segments of this paper, by 2008,Indigeneous Australians’ life expectancy was on average lower than that of their non-Indigenous counterparts (Cerasa,2011).Furthermore, infant mortality amongst Indigenous populations is much high in comparison to the entire Australian population (Cerasa,2011).The absurdity in this case is that Australia has been ranked among countries with the lowest infant mortality by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD) whereas the truth is that the number is particularly high for Indigenous Australians (Ceras,2011,& OECD,2014). Even though the Australian government seems to be trying hard to tackle these inequalities, Indigenous Australians’ healthcare programs are extremely splintered having no individually cohesive system set up to enhance Indigenous healthcare proactively (Willis, et al, 2012).
At present ,the Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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