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Author’s Name: Due Date: Section 1 In most governments, not necessarily the USA alone, separation of powers is essential. Powers separation is by three branches: judiciary, legislative, and the executive. However, there are complexities associated with governing…
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Public Policy
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Due Section In most governments, not necessarily the USA alone, separation of powers is essential. Powers separation is by three branches: judiciary, legislative, and the executive. However, there are complexities associated with governing. For instance, it can be a challenge to come up with well-built policy action consensus between the legislature and executive. When president Obama appointed Richard Cordray as a director of consumer protection agency, many individuals were against his move (Cooper and Steinhauer 1). This was so because Obama appointed him without seeking the approval of the senate. According to the provision of the constitution, it is not in order to make such appointments when the lawmakers are in recess. As a result, Obama’s action threatened to trigger a legal challenge that left the republicans fuming that the president was abusing their privilege of recess. In a political rally, the president announced his action and stated that because the senate and the president were all elected, he could waste no time waiting to get the proposal of a minority. He stated that to avoid delay he went ahead to make his decision. He further stated that he was a protector of middle class individuals and that Mr. Cordray was his hand picker. According to legal specialists, the Supreme Court could have an opportunity of reviewing president Obama’s move. The truth of the matter is that senates were in session, but president Obama granted them a recess. Lawyers and democrats stated that the president’s move was right. The republicans, on the other hand, stated that they were okay with Mr. Cordray, but rather had a problem with Obama’s failure to inform the senate. This can be complex in situations where even if powers are separated, there exists a superior body that governs the other branches. Section 2 Federalism involves the coordination between the federal and state level. At times, there can emerge variations of the state and the policy capacity even though the state has significant influence on the national policies. Dual federalism evolved between the 18th and the 19th century, and this included the national and state federalism. In the 20th century, cooperative federalism emerged that involved collaborative policymaking. Between the 1960s and 1970s, new federalism came up that involved grant programs with more discretion from the state (Hakim and Buettner 2). Some of the features associated with federalism include the ability to foster peace by preventing war and associated fears. In addition, it is capable of promoting economic prosperity through internal barriers elimination. It aims at ensuring state organizations as far as social and political order and justice are a concern. Beside these, there are challenges associated with federalism, which include the fact that it is vital for the involved individuals to share power, and at times, these individuals are not willing. Once power sharing is possible then distribution of powers in another issue and members may have different proposals. In New York, there has been a significant increase in the number of deaths of the developmentally disabled individuals residing in-group homes. However, government officials have not made it public. Only journalists who are investigative have tried their best and made this public. The system failure has significantly contributed to the increasing number of unknown deaths. It is clear that few staff members are employed to take care of the disabled residents. Individuals are not willing to separate powers and delegate responsibilities. In most cases, the disabled are left vulnerable to unexpected dangers. This shows that the government has failed by not making it public that the number of deaths of the disabled has been on a rise. Section 3 PACs refer to political action committees, name given to private groups regardless of the size. This group aims at electing a political candidate and at times takes part in the advancement of legislation. PACs are also meant for playing a significant role in shaping the presidential race of 2012 (Walsh 2). The Supreme Court authorized the super PACs after a discussion known as the united citizens verses the federal electoral commission. The committee members are responsible for contributing so that they can generate enough money necessary for campaigns. As a result, such groups are capable of spending a lot of money during their campaign. The super PACs have been formed to promote political philosophies and ideologies, despite the fact that some individuals claim that they aim at promoting individual such as president Obama and Romney interests. The Supreme Court formed the PACs due to the ruling; this is evident that the Supreme Court has significant influence on the election. The public according to the needs of the Supreme Court does not know the members of PACs (Krumholz 5). According to demands by Supreme Court, individuals campaigning should not disclose names of their donors until a set date. Despite the fact that it is absurd that the disclosure of campaign financiers is not made known to the public, it is essential for people campaigning to uphold the demands of the Supreme Court. This is a sign that the Supreme Court is remarkably powerful as far as the election is a concern. It is a requirement that candidates uphold requirements of the Supreme Court to avoid violation unnecessarily. Although most of the individuals might wish to know the financers of the aspirants in advance, the Supreme Court does not allow this hence calling for patience among the public (Confessore and Lipton 2). Works cited Confessore, Nicholas & Lipton, Eric. A Big Check, and Gingrich Gets a Big Lift. The New York Times. January 10, 2012. Cooper, Helene & Steinhauer, Jennifer. Bucking Senate, Obama Appoints Consumer Chief. The New York Times. January 05, 2012. Hakim, Danny & Buettner, Russ. In State Care, 1,200 Deaths and Few Answers. The New York Times. November 06, 2011. Krumholz, Sheila. Where Did They Get the Money For That? The New York Times. January 11, 2012. Walsh, Kenneth. Super PACs Defining the 2012 Presidential Race. The New York Times. January 6, 2012. Read More
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