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A Comparison of Sex Roles in Public Relations - Term Paper Example

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Center of discussion in this paper is the article “A Comparison of Sex Roles in Public Relations” by Glen Broom. The author does not base his research upon any pre-conceived theory but aims to test the previous notion that women were not given equal status in public relations jobs. …
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A Comparison of Sex Roles in Public Relations
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Extract of sample "A Comparison of Sex Roles in Public Relations"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that Glen Broom in his article “A Comparison of Sex Roles in Public Relations” aimed to investigate whether women and men felt that they played differing roles in their jobs in the public relations sector and which roles they identified with more freely. The research was done by selecting a sample of 815 participants from amongst the members of the PRSA. All of these people were sent questionnaires to fill out and answer and 480 questionnaires were returned with 450 properly answered. After proper elimination of the questionnaires, which did not fully answer the questionnaire, the participants consisted of a ratio of the same amount of men and women each as the PRSA membership held. The 28 items used to identify and measure roles were pretested upon a sun sample before they were tested on this sample and the wording of the questionnaire was modified where needed. These qualitative measures were used to ensure that the questionnaire was valid and the questions were properly structured. Otherwise, it would make the results of the study voidable as the questionnaire was not reliable or valid. The participants of the study were a selective sample of the total population of the PRSA membership. While the sample was a random systematic sample of every 10th name on the mailing list of the organization, there may be slight chances of this sample being non-representative of the total population. This is because the females in the sample had less work experience compared to the males and hence were not on an equal footing with them in status. Other factors could have been used to better assess the sample, however the sample was just based upon sex and PRSA membership (Broom, 1982). The findings show that all the members showed affiliation with the different roles in varying degrees. Women were more inclined towards the communication technician role and those that were, did not see themselves as active in any other roles. Men mostly saw the expert prescriber role as the most important role, which they identified with. Hence, it was quite evident that men and women differed in their roles in public relations while they may have had the same amount of experience (Broom, 1982). The new questions that have been raised or the questions that have remained unanswered are why these role differences exist between men and women when women are known to perform better than men do on academic scales and tests and they may have the same level of experience as men. While the study is not able to provide answers to such queries, it does show the difference in identification of roles between men and women in this profession comparative to the 1980’s (Broom, 1982). While the article is well structured and the study is carried out in a systematic way, the study does not consider a number of variables that should have been considered. It lacks information on why the participants perceive themselves in such roles and whether their own judgment is correct or it is only a perception, they carry (Broom, 1982). Article 2 The second article written by Falker Hanusch (2011), “Travel Journalists’ Attitudes towards Public Relations: Findings from a Representative Survey” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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