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School base bully prevention programs: A systematic review - Essay Example

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This program aimed to state bullying as a serious issue that can go beyond the immediate individual experiencing it; as it involved other children and their teachers – as well as the parents of bullied children (Pepler et al., 2004). The program aimed at many preventive…
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School base bully prevention programs: A systematic review
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"School base bully prevention programs: A systematic review"

Download file to see previous pages school level was aimed at developing a positive code of behaviour in children, engagingd the teachers and promote positive interactions in the playground, this had a highly positive level of correspondence in promoting best practices within the area of beahviour. At the parent level, they were informed about the bullying issue that occurred in the school. The data about the program and its aims were also sent to them. At the classroom level, kids were motivated in following classroom rules against bullying. At the individual level, children were offered consultation and their parents were also involved in the process. Follow-up tracking by the school authorities were to make sure that there were no bullying incidents practiced inside the school. CHAPTER IV: DISCUSSION & CONCLUSION 28
Bullying in schools is arising as a global educational problem. Bullying may involve only two individuals or it may involve a group. Many intervention programs based in different schools have been equipped and implemented to reduce rates of bullying. In general all programs were targeting at the bullies, peers, and teachers (Olweus, 1991; Twemlow, 2004). Much empirical researche on bullying assessment and prevention in school in the UAE have recently been exhibited. The suggestive factors that have been noted have indicated a relatively delay in school bullying. School bullying implies bullying a person has an element of an advantage over the bullying of the victim such as strength and physical size, authority, social status and popularity. Likewise the constant negative action over a period has harmful behavioural impacts which can exceed many episodes; thereby resulting in the power differential of the bully over the bullied (Zwierzynska, 2013).The school bullying assessment will evaluate the anti-bullying programs at the school level. Ultimatley, school bullying is prevalent in many Arab countries, which includes Saudi Arabia, ordan, Egypt, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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