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Food and Eating - Research Paper Example

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The paper analyzes the data which was utilised for this study were collections of newspapers and magazine clippings which had talked about foods in general. There were a total of eighteen food and eating article clippings which had covered a wide – ranging issues. Each of the following clipping was distinct from the other…
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Food and Eating
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Extract of sample "Food and Eating"

Download file to see previous pages The paper talks that taking a broad view, based on the examination and analysis of the given set of data which were a collection of newspaper and magazine clippings on food and eating, it could be said that the particularity of obesity, proliferation of fast foods, unhealthy foods, healthy foods, death of the classic dining, and anorexia nervosa, could be all explained with their relationship to each other by looking it at a larger stance through a sociological point of view. Indeed, it was the case that the fast food outlets had become very widespread in United Kingdom which could be explained by the concept of globalisation.
The paper makes a conclusion that given that qualitative research is limited in making generalisation but can only yield indications, this proposal would be further backed up by quantitative research. According to Cohen, quantitative research was a research which used empirical methods and statements which were expressed in numerical terms. The second phase research, a quantitative research, will aim to look on how the society sees those who suffer anorexia nervosa.
The age and the grade or year level quota will be set in order to ensure that the sample will be representative of the population of adolescent girls in the said school.
In this regard, this essay would dwell on examining the sociological understanding and relevance of food and eating in the society through the analysis of the given set of data. DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY The data which was utilised for this study were collections of newspapers and magazine clippings which had talked about foods in general. There were a total of eighteen (18) food and eating article clippings which had covered a wide – ranging issues. Each of the following clipping was distinct from the other. The first entitled ‘This Modern Life Minor Diners’ discussed how the pre – teens and teens had been so into dining out. According to the article, the occurrence of families eating together less and less often was because the young folks would want themselves to dine out in restaurants without the presence of their parents. Pizzas, strawberries and double – cream Frappucino, cinnamon chocolate cakes and others were usually looked forward by different youngsters depending on the differences on their ages. The second was on ‘Schools Put Chippy Out of Bounds to Fight Fat.’ It was an article that tackled how schools in Borough had made an effort to somehow prevent the obesity crisis through prohibiting students to leave the school’s vicinity during lunch breaks. In this case, pupils were left a much healthier option of foods available in the school canteen instead of the widely - offered fried chicken, chips and pizza in the different fast food outlets. The third which was labelled as ‘Seaweed Signals Lunch Box Snobbery’ discoursed about how competitive middle – class moms had been engaged in a challenge of what to pack inside their children’s lunch boxes. Taking into consideration the health and nutritional value of the food they were eating in school, aduki beans, arugula leaves and seaweed sachets should be included as advised to be their packed meals. However, foods of this sort had indicated that their lunch boxes would be rejected. The fourth was ‘Teach Cooking to Tackle Obesity, Jamie Tells MPs.’ Since most people in Britain did not know how to cook, in cases of economic downturn, they still had to depend on buying ready – to – eat foods in wide array of fast food outlets. For him, Britain was facing a health crisis because of parent’s lack of awareness to nourish their families with the right food everyone because preparing their own meals would guarantee the nutrition of their family. Instead of the high calorie, fattening, oily and unhealthy foods, cooking food for the family would assure the high in nutrition meals. Thus, it did not only make them save money from preparing meals but also would serve as preventive measures against obesity. The fifth was an article on ‘Tim Hayward Traces a Radical Shift that Has Transformed the British Attitude to What We Eat.’ According to the article, it was the television, as a mass media, which had urged the radical change of Britain from the healthy meals prepared by moms to the unhealthy meals available in lots of fast food outlets. The sixth clipping was on ‘Nigel’s Classic Hake with Green Sauce.’ Basically, it was a lecture on the recipe of how to do the said food. Unlike the prevalent ready – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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