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The study of health and illness is no longer a new phenomenon. In fact, in the field of medicine every health and illness related issues that suddenly emerge can be quickly provided with definition and explanation in just a short period of investigation…
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Inequalities in Health and Illness
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The underlying reason of this is the fact that the gap between the rich and the poor in health and illness is continuously widening due to rapid changes in the society. This alarmed the researchers in this field because of the increasing rate of morbidity and mortality among the poor and poor countries. Therefore, several sociologists determined various factors that adversely affect inequalities in health and illness. These wider social factors included income difference, poverty, housing, and education. According to White (2008, 1), these factors are the result of unequal distribution of political, economic, and social resources which is very essential in achieving a healthy life. Further, sociologist also claimed that individual person have varied health and illness inequalities because of the difference in gender, class, ethnicity and lifestyle factors, i.e. smoking, diet or nutrition, exercise, stressful working conditions and to name a few (House of Commons; London, 2009). Access to healthcare (House of Commons, 2009) as well as the role of medical of the medical professions (White, 2008) has also major contribution to the inequalities of health and illness of an individual.
This discussion would seek to impart the important aspects and matters related to health and illness. It aimed to end health and illness inequalities between rich and poor, among men and women, young and old, etc. Therefore, through providing proper and adequate information, the audience is expected to learn and share this information to other people in order to achieve a wider sense of a sound and healthy life. Discussion The Sociology of Health and illness The sociology of health and illness is far different from sociology of medicine. It is because the former is more focused with the social origins and influences of health and illness rather than with their internal causes as manifested by individual bodies. The main objective of the former field is to explore into on how inequalities affects each individual health and illness. However for the purpose of better understanding, it is only necessary to define first the two important words in this discussion which is the health and illness. As cited in the work of Bury (1997), the World Health Organization (WHO) has defined health as the “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infinity.” Hence, the wrong notion of many people should be corrected that health is not only the absence of disease or illness. Being totally healthy should comprise all the necessary aspects of life as defined by the WHO. Further, people should learn continuously improve their total well-being and not only seek attention when they suffer from illness or disease. Meanwhile, Bury (1997) also referred illness as the “occurring when normal functions went awry.” However, as mentioned, researchers on sociology of health and illness are more concern on the complex relationship of social (external) factors that causes illness to an individual rather than on their pathological explanation. Causes of Health and Illness inequalities As White (2008) and the London House of Commons (2009) revealed in their researches, there are several underlying cause of inequalities in health and illnes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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