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Social movements for peace with the peace sign, its evolution and its effects - Essay Example

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Social movements for peace with the peace sign, its evolution and its effects As centuries unfolded, humans have transformed a primitive earth into an optimally developed one. However, at the same time, the human activities have also resulted in various forms of destructions…
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Social movements for peace with the peace sign, its evolution and its effects
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Download file to see previous pages That is, from early centuries, humans have ‘segregated’ themselves into different territories or kingdoms or nations. Each territory or nowadays country always want to protect its territorial integrity and could also want to 'dominate' other countries. As the race for domination and power intensifies, conflicts, wars and violent actions in various forms are increasing, resulting in destruction of lives as well as properties. Disputes and other conflicting issues, which could be solved through peaceful means, are handled with weapons and wars. Particularly the threat of nuclear war is rising once in a while. In course of world history, these destructive actions of certain humans have been condemned and are being condemned by other sections of people, who want to give peaceful means a chance. There have been numerous movements by many individuals to spread the message of peace through various means. From giving protesting and at the same time peaceful speeches, writing articles, singing songs, etc, to indulging in other non-violent actions, individuals have spread the message of peace. One subtle and at the same time effective social movement to spread the message of peace, particularly against nuclear threat is the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament with the peace sign. ...
In course of centuries, this symbol evolved, with the picture of Dove being added. That is, symbol of Dove holding the Olive branch in its beak came into prominence in 18th century America, and came to be used as a representation of peace in other parts of the world as well. These early representations of Dove and Olive branch as symbol of peace became widespread after it was popularized by the well-known artist Pablo Picasso. After his initiatives, the symbol became even more popular in the post-Second World War period as part of peace movements. Many peace groups and organizations prominently used it, with the organization that was established to maintain world peace, in the post-Second World war scenario, United Nations (UN) also incorporating the Olive branch but without Dove in its flag. Even while, the symbol of Dove and Olive branch were used in combination or singularly as a symbol of peace in various contexts, another symbol was started to be used more prominently as a peace sign particularly in relation to the social movement of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Origination and background of the Peace sign The hope for peace is an ideology that is recognized and shared universally across the world, and so this new peace sign, which got originated as part of nuclear disarmament campaign, became a popular symbolic representation for peace. The symbol, created by Gerald Holtom in 1958 was originally created during a time of despair in the designer’s life and was to be part of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, also known as CND. The peace sign was developed by Holtom based on the request put forward by famous writer, philosopher and head of the British campaign for Nuclear Disarmament as well as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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