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Education in Sociology - Research Paper Example

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Education in Sociology EDUCATION IN SOCIOLOGY   The scientific social study of the society is known as sociology. It is basically one of the social sciences; the study about the social worlds in which humans live…
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Education in Sociology
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Download file to see previous pages The education in sociology attempts to determine the laws which govern the human behavior in the social society. Education in sociology ranges from small levels, that is from micro levels to big ones, that is the macro level (Giddens, Anthony, Duneier, Mitchell, P, Richard & Appelbaum. 2007). Researchers have come up with various techniques to study the social science, which is the study of the society. These research methods range from being qualitative to quantitative. Philosophical approaches have also been sought to study the social behavior and hence the interaction of people. Moreover, as we advance in technology, the researchers have developed new mathematical models and calculations leading to the study of sociology; these studies mainly include computational modeling (Michael, Macy & Willer, Robb. 2002). Emile Durkheim (1858–1917) was responsible for developing the formal academic sociology. The first European department of Sociology was developed in the University of Bordeaux in the year 1895 by Durkheim. Durkheim described sociology as the science of different institutions (Emile, Durkheim. 1895). Areas of sociology include human ecology, social changes, population and social psychology. Sociology and the social sciences which are used simultaneously include various subjects as already mentioned; it also includes political sciences, history, geography and communication sciences (Ferris, Kerry & Stein, Jill. 2010). Socialization  provides an individual with all the skills required for him to socialize within a society and share different customs and norms. Socialization is extremely important to maintain one‘s culture and social integrity (Clausen, John A. 1968) It is well known that our society is divided into different classes according to the socio-economic terms; division is mainly made into three classes which are called as first, second and third class. This is part of sociology and a very important one which is termed as social stratification. This leads to many social problems including complexities and teen suicides (Saunders, Peter. 1990). The study of the relationship between human thought and the social context is known as the sociology of knowledge. The study of science as a social activity is involved in the studies of sociology of science (Joseph, Ben-David & Sullivan, Teresa. 1975) The sociology of education concerned with the schooling systems, especially of modern industrial societies. It is mainly concerned with how different institutions and individuals affect education. It is also associated with expanding the education, that is further and higher education (Marshall, Gordon. 1998). The sociology of education is a very important field within sociology. It is also considered a part of the principle of education. This double existence is one of the unusual characteristics of the sociology of education. The sociology of education overlaps with various subfield like social stratification, race and ethnicity. The International Sociological Association is the largest research committee on the Sociology of Education. The sociology of education is also represented in different education associations. The sociology of education is often the source of tension between those who regard it as a science discipline and those who regard it as a policy-related discipline. Those who view the discipline as science use the term “sociology of education” and those who perceive it in political terms use the term ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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