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Sociology Paper - Assignment Example

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Name Professor Course Date Sociology Introduction Sociology's definition carries weight as the detailed study that majors on understanding the behavior of social beings and human groups’ altogether. This study focuses strictly on the influence that social relationships have on the behavior and attitude of people in a society and how the establishment and change in the same societies…
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Sociology Assignment Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Basing on the eighth edition of the Introduction to Sociology book, this essay focuses on explaining the few concepts of sociology, sociological imagination and the overly sociology as a science. Sociological imagination involves the awareness of the relationship that exists between an individual, social being and the wider society in general; which enables several sociologists understand the connection between an individual, the social setting that surrounds that person, the remote- personal settings and the way the same social world shapes the behaviour of an individual. Breaking it down, sociological imaginations consist of three distinct components which are the history: this focuses on the origin of a society, the changes happening in it and the process of building history in the same society. Secondly, biography forms the second component of the sociological imagination which concentrates on understanding the nature of human beings in the society and the people living and making body of that society. The third component is the social structure: which shades lights on how the institutions orders relate and operate as one unit in a society and how they change or adapt to change. ...
This is because sociology through adaptive behaviour the family as a social institution in the society is highly regarded worth and so; every one strives to fit in both the family and society. Through the study, of sociology professional apply their expertise in merging all the sub-fields of culture; in improving and strengthening international relations. For example, the United Nations utilizes sociology in their effort of resolving the political unrest in countries; like Afghan and Iran and solving common problems between different, conflicting countries. The three theoretical approaches applied include the Marxism, Symbolic interactionism and Functionalism which interact as a one unit of sociological perspectives to aid the understanding of human behaviours’ and the influence that the society has on the same and vice versa. Symbolic interactionism is a micro approach that uses the symbols; that people utilize during face to face interaction with each other (Giddens et al, 2009). According to this approach, people attach a lot of meaning to the symbols in their surrounding and act accordingly to their interpretation of the same symbols. In other words during conversations the interaction between symbols requires the intention for the words and their interpretation which explains the meaning beyond something. For example, written music is not just the marks made on the pages but refers to the interpretation of the words and notes to make musical sense. Functionalism approach is yet another macro perspective that explains how different aspects of the society relate closely and add to the functioning in the societal context (Giddens et al, 2009). For example, the state provides the family with education which in return generates taxes to keep ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociology Assignment Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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