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Are university students in canada dependant on computers heavily - Research Paper Example

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Running head: Canadian students and the internet Increasing Exposure: Computer Usage in Canadian University Students and the Internet Introduction Statement of the Research Question How can the Canadian university students be made more aware of the perils of the internet and the perils that they may face with their increasing dependence on computers?…
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Are university students in canada dependant on computers heavily
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Download file to see previous pages Indeed, the computer has greatly revolutionized the way things are done in both the schools and the office. Moreover, the internet has opened up greater access to more information. Through these marvels of technology, the students are able to do their various research needs faster and are also able to make their various reports and other school work easier and better. As such, there has been faster ways of learning and instructing necessary for the advancement of basically all societies in the world. Those that have greater access have greatly expanded their knowledge base and improved their research capabilities. However, Kraut et al (1998) have long warned of the risks that come with the usage of the internet. Indeed, among its fundamental flaws is the tendency for those caught up in the technology to veer away from traditional ties and increase the gap of societies. Indeed, it is like an irony wherein such a massive improvement has effectively brought people from all over the world closer together and has likewise levelled the boundaries between countries. however, the tendency to converse and to interact online have basically eroded the very important foundation that can only be built through personal communications. It is then important to note that there has been an increasing trend of internet usage in Canada. The greatest acceleration was found between those aged 15 to 19 wherein about 90% of this age group uses the internet (Dryburgh, 2001). Indeed the research opportunities in the internet is so immense that this has been a very important tool for many students in Canada and even the whole world. However, the internet does not only provide information necessary for school work. The internet is also a rich source of leisure and entertainment. The impact of the internet was so immense that it has even eroded the hold watching television has once had upon Canadians as their prime activity for leisure. It appears that over the years, the internet and computer usage has taken a significant amount of time Canadians previously spent on watching television. Theoretical Implications Educators’ Dilemma Looking at the massive involvement by the Canadian youth toward the computers, it is important to note that this must be able to be combined with the teaching capabilities of the teachers. Indeed, the computers and the internet have vastly improved the research capabilities of the students from all over the world. Moreover, the integration of these new learning tools are generally perceived as improvements that ought to assist educators. Hence, the vast opportunities that they offer ought to be taken advantage of by the teachers. However, there has been some studies that have shown a considerable difficulty in the integration process of these technological innovations due to the attitude of educators to this new form of learning (Chou & Wang, 1999). It is therefore important to ensure that teachers are properly motivated to utilize these innovations that are increasingly taking hold of the youth. The innovations presented by the internet and by computers have already been a trend that is irreversible which necessitates educators to embrace such instruments in order to ensure that they are able to match the needs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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