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Human Trafficing and Sexual Abuse in the USA - Essay Example

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The paper “Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse in the USA” seeks to explore sex trafficking, which is not a new phenomenon. Although the term sex trafficking may be a recent one, however, sex trafficking has existed under many forms from ancient times…
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Human Trafficing and Sexual Abuse in the USA
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Download file to see previous pages This was an easy proposal to accept for the innocent girl who had been subject to sexual molestation since the age of 4 by her father’s friends. About her family, Jane said ‘My mom was a junkie. I lived with my dad. He was up and down with his moods. He had a marijuana addiction. … I can’t remember much of my childhood. I block it out.’ When she told about the molestation to her family her father turned against her so she decided to live with a family friend. However there she was forced to sell drugs and work as a prostitute. At work, she met James who convinced her to come to Portland where her life would be better. She agreed. But when they reached Portland she was told to work as a prostitute and when she disagreed she was treated inhumanely until she agreed (Neubauer). Jane’s story is among those millions of innocent girls who have been victims of sex trafficking. There is no exact or formal definition of sex trafficking. However, it can be broadly defined as the recruitment, transportation, purchasing and or selling of people, usually women or young girls, to another country (it can also be between different cities) for the purpose of commercial sex without the consent of the victim or through deception (Lind and Brzuzy 530). Sex trafficking is not a new phenomenon. Although the term sex trafficking may be a recent one, however, sex trafficking has existed under many forms from ancient times. According to a popular saying prostitution is one of the oldest professions adopted by mankind. As prostitution is closely linked to sex trafficking both these activities can be considered to be ancient. History is littered with examples of Greeks taking away young women, to work as sex slaves, after winning battles. In Rome, slaves were brought from foreign lands to work as prostitutes or sex slaves. In the 20th century, sexual slavery was termed as white slavery. Under white slavery, thousands of women were transported to different parts of the world such as Mexico, as sex slaves. The Japanese, in the Second World War, forced more than 0.25 million women to work as sex slaves, in sex camps, for the Japanese soldiers. These women came from different places such as the Philippines, China, Burma, Indonesia, and Korea. Most of them died due to starvation, injuries or illness in the sex camps. Profits in the sex trafficking industry have risen to US$ 36 billion in recent times. Most of the victims of human trafficking are victims of sex trafficking and according to the US State Department 70% of the victims are females and 50% of them are under 18 (McCabe and Manian 1-2). In the contemporary world due to the advent of the Internet and increased globalization, making it easier to target potential victims, sex trafficking has gained even more strength in many parts of the world including the United States. The US has emerged for many people all over the world as the land of opportunity and a place where they can have a better life. As a result, US acts as an attraction for many people who want to live the American dream. This gives strength to the sex industry in the country as many people, mostly women, are illegally trafficked from all over the world and forced into the prostitution industry without their will. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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