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How do the situations in the book not for sale by David Batstone, reflect stratification, inequality, race and ethnicity, gender - Essay Example

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The world today is facing unprecedented social problems, such as crime, drug, addiction, poverty, homelessness, gender discrimination, race, casteism and many more. For making a healthy society, the countries from all over the world are taking efforts by making different laws…
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How do the situations in the book not for sale by David Batstone, reflect stratification, inequality, race and ethnicity, gender
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Extract of sample "How do the situations in the book not for sale by David Batstone, reflect stratification, inequality, race and ethnicity, gender"

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Not for Sale is the book which throws the light on the social problems such as race, slavery, ethnicity, human exploitation, sexual abuse, child labour etc. The focus is basically on the poor countries of the world. The book is written by David Batstone, the professor of ethics in the department of theology and religious studies at the University of San Francisco, executive editor of Sojourners. In the book “Not for Sale,” he has depicted the callous reality of stratification, inequality, race, ethnicity and gender which is prevalent all over the world in the modern period also. According to him in till today slavery exists in 150 countries and “twenty-seven million slaves exist in our world.” (page.10) Slaves are human beings but they are treated in an inhumane way. Slavery is the second most beneficial criminal business after drug trade. The following social issues have been discussed in “Not for Sale.”
Slavery is supposed to be the most closed system of stratification. The slavery in olden days and modern days is different. Though the structure has been changed, the phenomenon has not yet been eradicated completely. According to Baston todays slaves include (a) men first taken as prisoners of war in ethnic conflicts; (b) girls and women captured in wartime or kidnapped from their neighbourhoods and used as prostitutes or sex slaves; (c) children sold by their parents to become child labourers; and (d) workers paying off debts who are abused and even tortured and too terrified to leave
While telling the horrible condition of poor women the writer informs that the young women were brought from India. After their arrival to USA their passports were taken from them. They compelled to work for hours without no compensation or with less compensation. If they refused they were harassed.
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