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Architectural & Social Sustainability - Essay Example

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The paper ‘Architectural & Social Sustainability’ addresses the problem and tries to look at methods that can increase the community’s involvement in the project and describes several strategies that are available for involving the communities for developments…
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Architectural & Social Sustainability
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore their participation should be made an integral process of all construction activities. The incorporation of the citizens, residents and the community in the building process promotes the ecological concern as well as helps in binding the ties of the community. It helps to strengthen and promote a sustainable society and also create a healthy environment for the neighborhood. Therefore the role of the community should not be restricted to the suggestions and improvements for the neighborhoods. The agenda of the architect should be to create an environmentally sustainable building as well as empower the owners and the community. In this regards creating a sustainable building for the community and the involvement of all the stakeholders presents a new challenge in the profession of the modern day architect. Therefore the architects must provide significant efforts to ensure that there is active and meaningful participation from all the members of the community (Sanoff, 2000, pp 2-3; Fox, 2000, pp. 102-104). The University of Central Lancashire has faced a significant amount of controversy for the construction of a new campus building. The community has criticized them for their decision on the grounds of more community participation in the project. The different policies on public participation require more involvement of the public as an integral requirement for construction projects. The controversy has even attracted the attention of the press. The university had traditionally shared a good relationship with the community. However the recent developments have destroyed the image of the university considerably and the relationship with the community has also been strained. The...
This report draws up a process that can be enforced by the university to address the concern of the public. The foremost concern of the University is to make the public aware and encourage their participation in the campus building process. For that purpose the University can take help of the local media. On one hand this will help inform a wide range of people about the intentions of the university and on the other hand it will help them to mend their tarnished image. The University can also spread leaflets. However the leaflets must be lucid, to the point and understandable by everyone. Exhibitions and public meetings can also be conducted to explain the technical problems of the issue to the public. This well help the interaction between the concerned public and the well- briefed staffs. After getting the people together, a proper decision making analysis should be done. The agendas of the collaboration should be specified. The internal and external stakeholders and the decision makers are to be identified. However some important roles need to be assigned. There should be a regulator of the discussions, the active participants, a technical reviewer representing the architects and the observers and the commentators are to be identified. Some assessment regarding the most controversial issues, the most important stakeholders and the constraints including the institutional ones in their decision making process needs to be identified. Moreover, the issues should be narrowed down to the extent that the answers are available in affirmative or negative.

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