Obesity in Childhood as a Menace to the American Society - Assignment Example

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As the paper outlines, child obesity is currently an epidemic in America. According to a report given by the World Health Organization in every five children aged four years tend to be obese. It is projected that by 2030, almost fifty percent of the American population in the 39 states will be obese…
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Download file to see previous pages Obesity refers to the increased body mass which is not proportional to the body height. Obesity has led to psychological torture to the victims and mostly to the adolescents.  The teens do like interacting in their social life and engaging in various activities as per their interests. Obese children have significant low self-esteem. The esteem of an individual is developed right from their childhood life. Therefore, overweight kids rarely appreciate themselves. They feel to be abnormal compared to the other children in the society. Thus, they will feel that other children, the slim ones, are better than them hence they will find it difficult to address themselves. In addition, obese kids will always prefer to be with their friends or being different from what they are. The situation keeps them off from other children, and they will always feel uncomfortable in the presences of their peers. Obesity limits children from getting involved in key activities. For instance, when it comes to games like racing or doing vigorous exercise, obese kids are left out. The feeling is very unappealing and can make the kids to have a sensation of rejection from their friends. The peers also tease the obese children thus making them feel intimidated. Eventually, the children become psychologically affected. About 50% of people with obesity have been found to be psychologically affected. Obese people have a problem in coordinating their thinking with their deeds. Obesity has also been found to be problematic in society due to its therapeutic effects. Medical complications have increased, and a significant percentage is attributed to obesity. Children with obesity have developed diseases related to obesity. Some of the medical conditions are high blood pressure, increased cholesterol in the body, diabetes and heart diseases. Children with obesity have been found to have hypertension. With time, hypertension leads to heart failure hence increase the probability of losing time.  The fat that accumulates in the body due to lack of exercise has a high level of cholesterol. Cholesterol is used to build vitamin D in our agencies and some hormones and bile acids (Bhupathiraju and Frank 1736). Too much accumulation of cholesterol in the body can block the arteries resulting in brain stroke heart attack for the brain will be getting little or no oxygen. Research by WHO (57) shows that obese children have a greater chance of either dying or being disabled because of increased concentration of cholesterol in the body. In addition, children are currently having diabetes type 2.  Having a child with diabetes type 2 can be strange for the disease was mainly associated with adults. Currently, it has spread to the children. Obese children are more likely to be infected with Diabetes Type 2 compared with normal children. The children with obese have a greater probability to lose of suffering from diabetes type 2. Bhupathiraju and Frank (1738) suggest that people obesity expose one to a relative risk of 87% of developing diabetes type 2 compared to the people with a body mass index below 22. The fat in the abdomen inhibits the body’s sensitivity towards insulin. Therefore, the cells become dysfunctional and thus insulin resistance in the body. Thus, obese children have had a higher probability of developing diabetes type 2. Increased number of children with diabetes has mainly attributed the disorder with obesity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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