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A Health Advocacy Campaign for Childhood Obesity Student ID Number & Code Date Total Number of Words: 3,006 Introduction Obesity is not only a serious health condition such as eating disorders but also a lifestyle problem that is visible within a person, family, and the society…
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A Health Advocacy Campaign for Childhood Obesity
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Download file to see previous pages Aa a form of health prevention and nursing intervention strategy, the health advocacy campaign can be defined as the method of winning political assurance of supporting a particular health care program (Chapman, 2004; Christoffel, 2000). In most cases, the target audiences for a health advocacy campaign include not only the policy makers but also the small group of people who has the power to make decisions and can influence certain actions that can affect positive changes for the people (Hoover, 2012; Wallack, 2000, pp. 337 – 365). Considering the long-term health consequences of childhood obesity, this report will not only discuss the importance of developing effective health advocacy campaign against childhood obsity but also conduct an actual advocay campaign that will assist the nurses in winning the support of the government. Therefore, the actual report will be divided under three (3) major sections known as: (1) health advocacy campaign for obesity; (2) the legal considerations behind the development of a health advocacy campaign for obesity; and (3) the ethical considerations behind the development of a health advocacy campaign for obesity. ...
To help these children avoid the long-term negative physiological and social consequences of childhood obesity, the main goal of the proposed advocacy campaign program is to encourage the political people to support the health promotion campaign against childhood obesity. Description of the Selected Population and Their Health Issues The target population for this particular health advocacy campaign program includes the obese children between the ages of 6 to 19 years old. In general, obesity is considered as a serious health problem because it can lead to negative effects related to a person’s physical health, emotional well-being, and psychosocial functioning (Tuthill et al., 2006; Linde et al., 2004; Goodman & Whitaker, 2002). Obese people can sometimes be strongly discriminated in academic and work environment. As part of not being socially accepted, people who extremely over weight would normally to go through a series of depression, low quality of life, and low levels of self-esteem (Frisco, Houle, & Martin, 2010; Kolotkin et al., 1995). With regards to being socially discriminated in academic and work environment, Viner and Cole (2005) explained that obese children who were able to successfully manage having a normal weight at the time they reach adulthood are less likely to become discriminated at work and in public areas whereas obese children who remained extremely overweight during their adulthood age are the ones who are highly affected by having poorer employment opportunities and negative social relationship outcomes. Aside from experiencing work and healthcare discrimination, the study of Carr and Friedman (2005) revealed that obese individuals are prone to interpersonal mistreatment and lower levels of self-acceptance purely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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