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Should Wife and Husband Have the Same Educational Level - Essay Example

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This paper argues with the support of credible literate review and analysis that with the changing times and globalization, education no longer influences the relationship of a couple in a negative manner. Instead, the couples now look out more for mental compatibility rather than education. …
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Should Wife and Husband Have the Same Educational Level
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Download file to see previous pages The significance of education for woman has been acknowledged around the world. It enhances women procuring capability, enables them in choices about their family size, and makes other family choices. A study from the distinctive American districts demonstrated that educated women delay marriages, use contraceptives, reduce richness and produce other advantageous. Studies done in the UK have demonstrated that the women with the advanced education level experience parenthood late and even a large number of them opt to stay childless, which reduces the ripeness rate and the populace development rate in those areas.
However, Coontz (1) conducted a qualitative research regarding the correlation between the education and marital life of women. She notes “women earn almost 60 percent of all bachelor’s degrees and more than half of master’s and Ph.D.’s. Many people believe that, while this may be good for women as income earners, it creates ill for their marital prospects” (Coontz 1). According to the author, this signifies as major social perception; however, the reality can be different from this perception. Coontz explains that time has changed, and now the values are changing. Therefore, “For a woman seeking a satisfying relationship as well as a secure economic future, there has never been a better time to be or become highly educated” (Coontz 1). This clearly shows that better-educated women are more secure and confident about their marital life and social status.
Educational attainment may be inadequate and lead to elevated amounts of economic imbalance that even decently educated African Americans experience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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