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Typology of Events and Entertainment in Manchester City - Research Paper Example

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The present study “Typology of Events and Entertainment in Manchester City” aims to provide a detailed report on the basis of personal experiences of attending literary festivals, sports events and musical concerts in various areas of Manchester city, UK…
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Typology of Events and Entertainment in Manchester City
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Download file to see previous pages The report will also record the impressions of the public about the entertainment opportunities they seek after work hours for getting fresh and from the fatigue and exertion of everyday professional, personal and domestic chores and responsibilities. The report will also explore whether or not the city offers such thrilling recreational opportunities to the individuals that they should visit Manchester by preferring it to other picnic spots and entertainment zones existing in the UK. In the end, the report will also elucidate the problems experienced by the tourists while visiting Manchester for recreational purposes.
Theorists and researchers suggest many types of events organized by the event management companies as well as by public or private organizations, for discussion and debates of some issue, highlighting and communicating some programmes or providing the individuals with recreational opportunities; nature of these events could be political and administrative, social and cultural, religious and spiritual, corporate and commercial, educational and informative, and recreational and entertaining (Getz, 2004:402-3). Constructive and productive recreational activities protect the individuals from getting prey to disappointment, despair and mental and physical fitness problems on the one side, and keep them away from involving. The paper is interested in describing the purpose of events, the interest of the people while enjoying their leisure hours while attending the above-stated sports events, as well as the elaboration of the nature of facilities and opportunities being offered to them by the management of the event management and entertainment organizations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Typology of Events and Entertainment in Manchester City Research Paper.
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