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The UK National Health Service - Assignment Example

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This paper “The UK National Health Service” summarizes the important parts of the UK healthcare provision taking into account citizenship, consumerism, patient involvement. The author cites the Beveridge Report to investigate these basic structures’ role in reforms and public policies of the NHS.
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The UK National Health Service
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Extract of sample "The UK National Health Service"

Download file to see previous pages There are various perspectives that have been discussed in this paper and these perspectives are drawn from the different policies and policymakers in the UK health sector. The first important element of analysis would be the definition of patient involvement within the NHS platform. Public patient involvement has been described as a growing need to initiate a system that makes the healthcare services more person-centered. When talking about patient involvement, it is often important to create a difference between the involvements of individuals as both patient and caregivers or as individuals or involving the same individuals as groups of patients/citizens. A further distinction that stands out as necessary is whether the approach to Public Patient Involvement (PPI) is either proactive or reactive in such a way that affects the activities of involvement that are preferred above the others as well the purpose for the involvement. (Christine, 2006) When dealing with patient involvement, the stakeholders involved should be furnished with the essential understanding of who, why and how the involvement will be implemented because of the understanding of these relevant pieces of information. This paper will be performing the function of the disseminating the information in regards to the level of patient involvement as being more than just the sharing of information, but a connection to direct user control and user participation with clear descriptions of the types of involvement being user and public involvement within service quality amongst others that will be made clear in the paper.
The other relevant definitions that feature in the general discussion and outlook of this paper are citizenship and consumerism. Citizenship can be defined as an institution whereby norms and practices that are responsible for the regulation of relations between the society, the state and the individual get determined. (Ralph, 1989) Under the citizenship, there are the discussions of social citizenship that refer to the social dimension in regards to social rights of an individual to be protected from the practices that produce inequality in the health sector. When talking about citizenship, the citizens are equipped with the rights that allow them to fulfill citizenship responsibilities in their actions as full citizens under the law. This means that social rights can be described as the conditions registered to allow an individual to enjoy the inclusion in community services such as access to healthcare. (Ralph, 1989) Consumerism has been defined as a commitment to the organization of services around a section of the public that is considered as the consumers to health care services. The factors that have been connected to consumerism in this paper will be creating a deeper understanding of the specific factors that are important in the analysis of consumerism for the services provided through the health care system as well as through the policies stipulated by the National Healthcare System. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The UK National Health Service Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)
The UK National Health Service Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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