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Review of article and application of ideas to the UAE context about leadership and healthcare quality - Book Report/Review Example

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Offering quality healthcare services depends on the skills and values of healthcare practitioners which are developed through competent leadership and management of health organization. This essay makes a critical analysis of the ideas presented by Donaldson (2001) in order to…
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Review of article and application of ideas to the UAE context about leadership and healthcare quality
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Extract of sample "Review of article and application of ideas to the UAE context about leadership and healthcare quality"

Download file to see previous pages The author further adds that these concerns are essential to organizations all over the world especially those that put patient safety and quality services at the forefront of their operations through inclusion of this skills and values in the clinical curricula. Consequently, the purpose that Donaldson (2001) aims to achieve has the potential of being useful in other health environments outside the UK, including the UAE.
To address the issue of skills and values in the UK National Health Service (NHS), Donaldson (2001) first focuses on the role that quality service plays in the establishment of leadership in the health sector. The author notes a number of challenges that the healthcare systems in industrialized countries have faced over the years. The challenges include below capacity utilization of medical interventions with prior records of effectiveness, dependence on outdated methods of patient assessment, existence of a disconnect between outcomes of evidence based studies and application of the findings in medical practice, discrepancy in healthcare access especially for the disadvantaged and lastly, detrimental effects of medical practices and incidences due to errors and unsafe practices.
The healthcare standards of UAE has been developed to the standards of most developed countries, therefore, the healthcare standard in UAE has a number of challenges that are similar to those experienced in industrialized nations. Consequently, the UAE healthcare system faces similar challenges that the UK has experienced over the years. However, the UAE has ensured universal access to healthcare through government funding of almost all public health sector engagements. Government funding has made it possible to eliminate the chance that there will be a disadvantaged group in access to healthcare. All the residents of the UAE have a chance to access quality healthcare through the established ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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