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Oppression in Persons with Disabilities in Canada - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of the study is to demonstrate an understanding of oppression and the responsibility of social work in preventing other forms of oppression. In doing so, various issues concerning oppression are put into a light for better dispersion of services to the disabled people within the society  …
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Oppression in Persons with Disabilities in Canada
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Extract of sample "Oppression in Persons with Disabilities in Canada"

Download file to see previous pages The disabled persons do not have most of the liberties that the normal human beings have and even if they have, it has limitations. The disabled never have the opportunity to prove their worth within the social setting, and the few who get the chance have proved to be as equally talented as the average human being (Fleischer, Doris, and Zames, 2001). There have been so many famous people with disabilities, but this only comes with the necessary exposure to society and the world at large (Dunn et al, 2008). In most cases, the society prone the disabled people with the social stigma that poses a major consequence to this individual. The stigma has majorly contributed to the confinement of the disabled people within a certain environment. In doing this, the parent or guardian to the disabled person tries to hind them from the wicked talks bestowed upon them by some people within the social order. 
The purpose of the research study is to demonstrate a better understanding of oppression and the responsibility of social work in preventing other forms of oppression. In doing so, various issues concerning oppression will be put into the light for better dispersion of services to the disabled people within the society. Putting the issue across to the audience with imparting knowledge to people with less information concerning the subject.
Disabilities can be defined as any limitation or lack, resulting from impairment, of capacity to carry out any activity in the wins or within the range considered typical for normal human beings (Davis 1996). 
Various forms of oppression can be characterized by racism, ableism, or sexism. Ableism can be defined as a social pattern in which the people having various disabilities get unfair treatments in relation to normal people.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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