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An author of this writing "Discovery Strategies for Self-expression and Persuasion" will briefly assess the approaches to outlining the main points in discussing the subject from a personal perspective. Specifically, the writer examines the mind map and regular methods…
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Discovery Strategies for Self-expression and Persuasion
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Extract of sample "Discovery Strategies for Self-expression and Persuasion"

Valerie’s post is excellent in explaining the reasons why she likes using both the mind map and regular outlines. I agree with Valerie argument that one of her favorite sort of outline is the mind map. The mind map actually provides the best basis for drawing outlines. I prefer using the mind map because it is often created around a single concept to which associated representations are added. An outline involves direct connections to the central concept while other ideas branch out from the primary concept (Kapai 23). The mind map enhances creativity of the reader while simultaneously sorting out different topics in a collective way. Outline preparation often requires consideration of a variety of topics before sorting them out to select the very basic to the subject matter in question.
Valerie also likes using regular outlines due to their structural nature. I agree with Valerie because an essay can lose focus if the writer does not adhere to a specific structure. A regular outline implies that there a definite structure consisting of the introduction, body, and conclusion (Kapai 31). I also conquer with Valerie concerning the differences between process and persuasive essays; in process essays, the write only outlines the main facts, but persuasive essays requires consideration of both sides before taking a stand. According to Kapai, giving due consideration to both sides of the argument portrays respect to other people’s views and limits fallacious conclusions during discussions (11). Therefore, Valerie has given an exact distinction between process and persuasive essays.
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Kapai, Khyati. Express Yourself!: Writing Persuasive Essays. Singapore: Trafford, 2013. Print. Read More
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