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The aim of the paper is to analyze the impact of poverty on the health of the people in NY. While qualitative research is undertaken through the primary survey of the 100 participants collected via stratified sampling, the quantitative research is carried out based on the secondary data sources. …
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Relationship between Poverty and Health
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Download file to see previous pages The indicators of health consciousness will be accessibility to health insurance, visit the doctor during an ailment, regularity of medicines taken in case of heart ailments, obesity/ underweight (as per age and height) and frequency of health check-ups undertaken. The same set of questions will be asked to both the income groups and then their responses will be compared to give us a qualitative impression about the impact of poverty on the status of health.
The results expected from the quantitative analysis are similar to that of the research-based literature studied so far. Therefore it might be expected that the per-capita income will be significantly related to health indicators like life expectancy ratio, mortality rates, and infant mortality rates. Next, for the primary survey, the obvious expectation is to find very little or lack of health insurance amongst people below the poverty threshold. These people are not expected to visit the doctor whenever they fall sick. They tend to suffer from malnutrition, underweight or overweight according to their height and age. Instances of asthma, stomach related problems and heart ailments are supposed to be largely prevalent among these groups. The prevalence rate for these diseases is more for group 1 than group 2. The comparison might be made through pie charts and percentage representations. For every question related to each of these parameters, the percentage of respondents between the two groups are calculated and then compared by representing in a single pie chart. This illustration will help us identify the difference clearly. Therefore the first three hypotheses listed before are the objectives related to the quantitative research part. On the other hand, the other objects related to primary research is qualitatively resolved. The expected outcome is finally to obtain a clear and strong relationship between poverty and health parameters.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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