What social issues lead to poverty Impact of poverty on health - Essay Example

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Poverty represents a complex issue to the present global society. Poverty gets caused by a variety of problems which present a challenge for both developing and developed nations. Poverty gets associated with various political, social, and economic issues and thus it gets difficult to differentiate its effects from its causes (Muennig & Su 65)…
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What social issues lead to poverty Impact of poverty on health
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Download file to see previous pages The causes of poverty can further get aligned as intermediate, proximate, or the fundamental causes of poverty. One of the impacts that poverty has is on health. Poverty is both a consequence and cause of poor health. Poverty gets identified as a threat of vital concern to health. Poverty raises the chances of poor health while poor health in turn causes individuals to get trapped in poverty (Torpy 1). Poor people more often die younger as a result of poor economic, political, social, and physical conditions. Low income contributes to poor health and poor health behaviors. The relationship between poverty and health is complicated. This study aims at understanding and explaining the relationship between health and poverty. The aim of the study is to understand how poverty impacts on health. It is difficult to trace the interconnection between poverty and poor health as meager income does not necessarily guarantee abysmal health. To develop an understanding of the interconnection between poverty and health, relevant statistics get provided. ...
One significant impact of poverty on health is the availability of food and diet. In North America and the developed nations, the diet has shifted to mainly the intake of high-fat foods. Poor people regularly seek to satisfy their caloric requirement through intake of high –fat fast foods (Muennig & Su 187). This diet behavior predisposes them to diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and obesity. The situation is quite different in developing and underdeveloped nations where there may be less processed foods. In both developing and underdeveloped countries, food supply is often in short supply and the available food may get characterized by seasonal deficiencies (Muennig & Su 212). Dietary restriction through seasonal deficiencies in foods in such countries predisposes the poor to ill health. Short supply of food in such nations also makes food prices quite high and this ensures that those with low incomes may lack purchasing power. The lack of food and dietary inadequacies through poverty leads to undernourishment among the poor. Undernourishment in turn predisposes the poor to infections and thus ill health. The poor also get forced to live under inadequate housing and crowded shelters which assist in the faster spread of disease (Muennig & Su 197). The inability to afford decent shelter by the poor also exposes them to harsh environmental conditions which impacts negatively on their health. Low incomes also see the poor fail to get proper immunization programs against preventable diseases. Tackling the topic of poverty and health demands a multilevel and multidisciplinary approach that aims at generating and sparking new ways to address the improvement of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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