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Encouraging Childrens Participation in the Creative Arts - Research Paper Example

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This research “Encouraging Children’s Participation in the Creative Arts” will investigate literacy lessons due to the limited time frame it would be impossible to conduct a review of all the curriculum subjects. Therefore one aspect of the curriculum will be explored…
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Encouraging Childrens Participation in the Creative Arts
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Extract of sample "Encouraging Childrens Participation in the Creative Arts"

Download file to see previous pages The qualitative methods of interview, questionnaire distribution, and direct observation were used for this study. The use of multiple data-collection methods contributes to the trustworthiness of the data. 10 Key Stage 1 practitioners were selected to answer questionnaires that determine their thoughts on creativity and if it was incorporated in their curriculum. They were also tasked to observe 10 literacy lessons in various classes to see if creativity is encouraged in such lessons, following an observation sheet based on Torrance’s (1962) guidelines in encouraging creativity development. Also, 10 Key Stage 2 pupils were interviewed as a group regarding their views and concerns on the integration of creativity in their classes.
It was found that there is a lack of creativity development in the curriculum as reported by the practitioners and the children interviewed. The lessons observed were likewise wanting of creative flair. The practitioners believed that incorporating creative activities will make children more interested and engaged in class, leading to their improved performance. However, there is a lack of support from the school administration with regards to the inclusion of creativity development in the curriculum. The lessons observed did not encourage creativity enough in the children, and so the children did not seem engaged and just run through the motions of the class. It was evident that the desire for a more creative curriculum be implemented
This research, although limited in the number of participants, has reached the conclusion that there are gaps in creativity development incorporation in the school curriculum and is recommended that teachers be thoroughly trained in this aspect. Learning to be creative themselves will help them teach creatively and this will redound to the benefit of their students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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