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The Benefits of Drama in Education - Essay Example

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Creativity is crucial in the improvement and development of society especially among the developing children. I have ever applied the drama techniques in my teaching to help children develop through effective and proper learning skills…
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The Benefits of Drama in Education
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Extract of sample "The Benefits of Drama in Education"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, I have ever used drama techniques throughout my career to help pupils arrive at various solutions to their learning and social problems and difficulties. The main concepts of drama that have helped to achieve my teaching goals as well as helping in solving numerous problems include pupils are often encouraged through drama to exercise originality that usually help them have different solutions to their problems especially when they apply the simple creativity achieved through drama skills or techniques. Many pupils usually misunderstand thereby misuse the word drama. The main problem that I have realized among my pupils is they whenever the word drama is mentioned, they only think of acting. However, I usually change this notion by teaching them to understand that drama techniques and concepts are the surest way of enhancing the learning process and development. Through my practice, I understand that drama concepts provide appropriate activities that provide opportunities for supporting, revealing, and developing creativity in pupils that usually lead to their career realization and development. Therefore, I helped them through educational concepts including words, sentences, behaviours, ideas, and events including game or games. Drama is a vital element in learning since it develops a sure means of understanding and conceptualization as well as integration of learning objects, forms, techniques, and elements.
Pupils especially of the stage 3 are usually challenged in life and in most cases they often lack direction. Drama techniques are in themselves instructional methods; therefore, I applied same drama instructional techniques to help pupils to develop themselves into multi dimensions. In this case, I often use the drama skills that are geared towards emphasizing instructions and education processes with a high degree of creativity. This skill has ever been successful since it enables pupils to perceive life from different perspectives. Moreover, the technique makes the learning process productive and interactive as opposed to the current norm of teacher student learning that leaves the entire teaching processes passive. Pupils often come from different background and community setting; thus, they often have different and varied character traits that makes it difficult to interact freely and constructively (Bresler, 2007; Pg. 105) among themselves. This problem of erects barriers of communication, collaboration, and cooperation. In such cases, I help the affected pupil or pupils by creating constructive behavioural opportunities practices. Through this concept or skill I usually incorporate the basic cooperation and collaborative skills to help the pupils in developing their self-esteem and self-confidence. Notably, I usually execute this drama skill by encouraging collective responsibility by grouping pupils and encourage them to work as a unit (Ruppert, 2006; Pg. 22). The group work encourages socialization through learning. Additionally, I usually use group work since the groups encourage the pupils’ social potential energy through group participation that in turn helps them develop good communication skills and problem solving skills. Many pupils usually have the problem of hiding self identity. In most cases, when pupils are grouped for a task, most of them often tend to leave the task to others. Through drama, I usually offer active ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The Benefits of Drama in Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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