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Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Food and the Scientific Principles that Underpin Technology - Coursework Example

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"Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Food and the Scientific Principles that Underpin Technology" paper argues that developed countries have to realize the futility of their highhanded acts, and understand that they too must forget their political differences and come together to help eradicate hunger…
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Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Food and the Scientific Principles that Underpin Technology
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Extract of sample "Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Food and the Scientific Principles that Underpin Technology"

Download file to see previous pages The emphasis is on chemistry, technology, and applied biology, but it may also be on economics or behavioral sciences. Studies in food science can provide an excellent basis for a career in the food industry and trade as well as in research” (Vikki food science, University of Helsinki ). Food science, combined with the latest improvisations in nanotechnology can be used to check for contaminated food more accurately, which in turn will help to combat foodborne diseases. Food scientists work within organizations that are related to food processing and packaging. There are many types of food scientists. As for example, plant scientists can help industries to grow plants that would help them to fight food spoilage and contamination. Crop scientists research in the field of crop growing while soil scientists explore the soil medium that is necessary for crops to grow well. Animal scientists take care to see that the meat coming from animals are safely handled and packaged. They are all considered as food scientists in general, as they are related to food and food safety industry in some way or the other.

History of food packaging: In ancient times, there was no need for food packaging or transportation, as each community was self-sufficient and they caught and ate whatever was available. Natural containers were used, like hollowed woods, gourds, shells, and even animal organs. Later as the metals were discovered and put to use, modern type of food packaging came into vogue. Cloth and paper is the oldest type of packaging used by man and was first seen in China and India around the 2nd century BC. Paper for packing food and for making cardboard boxes for packing cereals (first users were the Kellogg brothers) was first seen in England in the mid-nineteenth century. Glass, another material used for food packaging, was found as early as 7000BC in Egypt and has been in random use until recent times. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Food and the Scientific Principles that Coursework.
(Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Food and the Scientific Principles That Coursework)
Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Food and the Scientific Principles That Coursework.
“Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Food and the Scientific Principles That Coursework”.
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