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This essay describes that spirituality is at the center of the relationship between humans and nature thereby forming the means through which humans connect or reconnect with nature.Human, nature, and spirituality are aspects that correlated far much earlier before the advent of any form of technology…
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Humans, Technology, Nature, and Spirituality
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Humans, Technology, Nature, and Religion/Spirituality Human, nature, and spirituality are aspects that correlated far much earlierbefore the advent of any form of technology. From creation, there was nature that connected human to the spirituality. Notably, a religion that defines spirituality also defines the major characteristics of human societies. These character definitions are independent to a culture across the world (Herzfeld, 2009). They influence the understanding and interactions between human beings and nature. Unlike technology, religion often plays significant roles in human development and stratification of the society. In other words, technology has never been powerful in influencing the human development and defining the society as spirituality does. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that there are complex and interesting relationships between the technological advancement and religious principles (Herzfeld, 2009). Therefore, it is true to note that spirituality is at the center of the relationship between humans and nature thereby forming the means through which humans connect or reconnect with nature. In other words, technology is not at the center in defining and determining the relationship between humans and nature as noted by other scholars.
The main element of religion was compounded in explaining phenomena that confound human to his or her spiritual ability. In most cases, science often attempts to explain natural processes in line with numerous universal laws while applying scientific methods(Herzfeld, 2009). In most cases, these scientific explanations have since created dire conflicts with numerous religious beliefs. The film BARAKA has also compounded its theme in numerous cultures that are tied to one specific thing, nature. Nature provides humanity to the full understanding and acknowledgement of their mighty creator. Through spiritual belief of different religions, different people connect to their creator by appreciating nature. The same is not true with technology that often tends to provide explanation and pieces evidences on why certain things are usually the way they are. In other words, technology only provides a platform of explaining nature but do not brings connectivity or binding factors between humans and a given element(Herzfeld, 2009).
The film also brings the element of interconnectivity without explanation, that is, human beings can connect to nature without anyone providing convincing explanations to the necessity to such connectivity. This kind of connectivity is only brought forth by spirituality. However, the recording that the same can be appreciated by human being is facilitated by technology (Herzfeld, 2009). For instance, the film has provided the significant connection between nature and human beings; however, even without such realizations, the connection between nature and human beings are compounded in spirituality that technology is only playing a role to affirm the same.
Conclusively, it is worth noting that there existed firm and productive relationships between nature and humans that were binding by spirituality. The emergence of technology only tried to expound on the existence of such relationship, but it has never replaced the binding factor, which is the spirituality. Therefore, it is worth stating that there is a very complex relationship between religion and technology. Despite having significant developments contributed to nature and human health by technology, the same cannot be eluded to have a significant tie between nature and human. Therefore, it is worth stating categorically that spirituality is at the center of the relationship between humans and nature thereby forming the means through which humans connect or reconnect with nature.
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Herzfeld, N. L. (2009). Technology and religion: Remaining human in a co-created world. West Conshohocken, Pa: Templeton Press. Read More
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