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What Is Eco-Social Market Economy - Research Paper Example

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This study “What Is Eco-Social Market Economy” tries to find out ethical aspects of globalization which advocate the free flow of goods and services. The author analyzes the impact of agreements such as GATT, NAFTA, and WTO and the influence of the Global Marshall Plan…
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What Is Eco-Social Market Economy
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Extract of sample "What Is Eco-Social Market Economy"

Download file to see previous pages Formulated as a network of individuals, organizations as well as groups, the Global Marshall Plan is aimed at achieving the eco-social market economy with a view to bringing in changes that can sustain the planet earth. This research will, therefore, provide an empirical insight into the Global Marshall Plan for the eco-social market economy.
This project will attempt to provide a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the Global Marshall Plan for developing an eco-social market economy. This research study, therefore, will attempt to evaluate the ideas, debates, practical actions taken by the organizations as well as groups and individuals in achieving the desired objectives. What is also critical to understand that this research project will attempt to provide a sneak preview of how the implementation of the Global Marshall Plan can result in the creation of the eco-social market economy?
This research study aims to address the following research objectives:
- Whether implementation of the plan is practically possible?
- What shall be strategic direction of the actions to be undertaken?
- Whether there is a need for implementing new regulations to achieve the intended objectives of the Plan
- Whether there must be an adaptation of a global approach to achieve the objectives?
- What shall be the role of different stakeholders?
The pace of economic development in the recent past, especially after World War 2 has been really quick which further allowed the organizations to exploit the resources at the speed that was really unprecedented in the human history. The increasing pace with which the forces of globalization took their place was something that has been relatively more quickly and with enormous consequences not for the economics as well as the social context of the economies but also the environment also. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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