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The Hidden Costs of Illegal Immigration into Australia - Coursework Example

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"The Hidden Costs of Illegal Immigration to Australia" sets out the perceptions of Australians, about illegal immigration and aim to show why actions are necessary to control immigration. While the beliefs of Australians are not based in fact, it is necessary to act in preventing illegal immigration …
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The Hidden Costs of Illegal Immigration into Australia
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Extract of sample "The Hidden Costs of Illegal Immigration into Australia"

Download file to see previous pages The actions and policies of the Australian Government will be considered and a PESTEL analysis relating to the problem being discussed will be carried out.

Small net gains are made in per capita income in a country receiving immigrants legally and have no discernible historical impact on the employment of indigenous peoples. (Coppel, J., Dumont, J. & Visco, I., 2001, 4) The costs of illegal immigration into Australia, though, exceed $400 million a year, arising from the estimated 80 000 unregistered migrants presently living there. (Butler, 2009) As revealed in the August 28th edition of The Age, by journalist, Bob Bottom, the number of illegal immigrants in the country is beginning to have a serious effect on the national economy. In the available statistics published by the Department of Immigration and Australian Citizenship (DIAC), and reported on by Butler on the website, On Target, about 70% of illegal immigrants are employed within the Australian economy. One area of the Australian economy specifically affected by this statistic is the payment of Social Security. Unemployed legal migrants and indigenous Australians, it has been argued, could be seen to be more reliant on Social Security as a result of the employment of illegal immigrants, therefore costing the Australian economy more. (Hodge & O’Carroll, 2006)

As far back as 2002, it has been proposed by writers such as Jupp, that social tensions may arise between illegal migrants and groups of local Australians and legitimate migrants. Jupp reports on so-called “job-stealing” and “queue-jumping” among ethnic communities. (Jupp, 2002, 112). Health threats have also been raised, for example, by Raphael Cilento, in claims that unofficial immigration might lead to the unmonitored entry of various viruses and illnesses. (Kidd, 2005)
Extending on this argument, Butler, again on the On Target website, contentiously, refers to the health risks inherent in the sex-work industry, claiming that Asian women, specifically, may be brought into Australia illegally, without undergoing health checks.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Hidden Costs of Illegal Immigration into Australia Coursework.
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