Unseen Aspects of Illegal Migration - Essay Example

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The number of illegal immigrants in the US has reached nearly 12 million, as Passel states in Pew Hispanic Center. Presently, the records prove that 25% of all agricultural jobs are done by illegal immigrants…
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Unseen Aspects of Illegal Migration
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"Unseen Aspects of Illegal Migration"

Evidently, ensuring social services to illegal immigrants involves a number of socio-economic issues.
The first and foremost problem is that offering social services will attract more and more illegal immigrants into the nation, thus further weakening the already collapsed American employment sector. It is pointed out that every year 730,000 American workers get replaced by illegal immigrants, and this causes a loss of $ 4.3 billion a year. In the opinion of Buchanan, California- “the goose that laid golden eggs”- was killed by the federal government in the name of accommodating the unrestricted immigration. Another argument that goes against offering social services to the illegal immigrants is that illegal immigration is a burden on the taxpayer. It is pointed out that the nation spends an amount of nearly 45 billion dollars every year on illegal immigrants.
This involves education, emergency medical care, and incarceration of the arrested criminals. Moreover, as Camarota points out, it is alleged that those who have US-born children get welfare assistance in their name, and some make fake US identity documents and enjoy welfare schemes. According to Camarota, the benefits enjoyed by illegal immigrants from the federal government far outweigh their contributions to the society; and the contribution from the illegal immigrants comes mainly in the form of payroll taxes, which is about $ 7 billion in a year. However, it is found that the benefits enjoyed by the illegal immigrants in the form of “Medicaid use, treatment for the uninsured, and participation in food assistance programs” amount to about 17.4 billion dollars (Camarota). However, things turn upside down when one looks into the arguments put forward by Dwyer in ‘Illegal Immigrants, Health Care, and Social Responsibility’. According to Dwyer, though it is plausible to argue that the people who do not have the right to be in a country cannot expect benefits in that country, a sound ethical response should take into consideration the fact that most of these illegal immigrants engage in the kind of jobs that usually the citizens eschew. It is pointed out that these immigrants often do works for lower wages than the natives do, and a considerable proportion is strikingly uneducated. In addition, he points out the fact that many are brought to the new country through coercion and deception and forced to engage in “activities ranging from prostitution” (Dwyer). Thus, the argument here is that the immigrants are not basically violators of law, but are humans who are in a new place to seek means for survival. So, viewing them through the scope of legality is evidently inhuman in nature. According to this class of thought, what is required is better ways of sealing the boundaries of the nation instead of putting the already crossed ones into misery. Another argument that is put forward by the ones who support social services for the illegal immigrants is that the federal government and employers are benefiting heavily from the so-called illegal immigrants (“Federal government again”). According to them, the illegal immigrants offer cheap labor to the employers, and this is the reason that forces the federal government to think about offering amnesty. So, as far as the nation utilizes the services of the immigrants, it does have the responsibility to ensure services in return. In total, it becomes evident that certainly, the immigrants are causing considerable economic burden on the taxpayers of the nation. In addition, ensuring social services to the illegal immig Read More
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“Unseen Aspects of Illegal Migration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/sociology/1427922-write-a-documented-argument-essay-for-or-against.
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