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The Skill of the Mediator in Managing the Mediation Process - Case Study Example

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The author states that the dispute between the management of the church and the neighboring community was very complex. But the mediators, who were brought in by the conflicting parties for the purpose of dispute resolution, played an effective role in resolving the dispute between them…
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The Skill of the Mediator in Managing the Mediation Process
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Extract of sample "The Skill of the Mediator in Managing the Mediation Process"

Download file to see previous pages Without the use of any specific technique or conflict resolution mechanism, conflict can neither be eradicated nor can it be exterminated. Due to this, the use and implementation of a perfect conflict resolution mechanism such as mediation are always seen as an essential part of any individual’s life.

Before probing into the topic of dispute resolution between the two parties, we should first get to know what actually mediation is. We can say that mediation is a process which is carried out by a person who is called a negotiator. Mediation also means the reconciliation or settlement of any sort of specific dispute or disagreement not only between the disputants but also disputes among the relationships. Aureli and Wall (2000) found that mediation was widely touted as a better way to work through difficult relationship problems. The basic aim of a mediator is to reach such an appropriate agreement which can be agreed by both of the disputing parties. Crocker, et al., (2001, p.14) stated that mediators may persuade the parties in an intractable dispute to come to the negotiating table through a process of incremental, trial-and-error learning. Here we should say that a mediator should have excellence in his field in order to achieve success. Folberg, et al., (2005) found that mediator quality makes a big difference in any mediation process. Mediators always play a vital role in resolving conflicts between any two parties by using appropriate techniques in order to begin the process of dialog not only between the parties but also at the workplaces. Weinstein (2001, p.2) states that workplace mediation, in particular, can be an effective way to resolve work-related and interpersonal conflicts. A mediator acts as a third party representative and plays his part as a communication and dialog representative of both of the conflicting parties. The reason for appointing a mediator to resolve disputes between the conflicting parties is that the mediation process is comparatively less expensive than the legal court procedures.      ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Skill of the Mediator in Managing the Mediation Process Case Study.
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