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Final Group Negotiation Stimulation: Reflective Portfolio - Coursework Example

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TThis coursework describes final group negotiation stimulation: reflective portfolio. This paper analyzes team and team dynamics,  the famous ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ and observation and reflection on the three negotiation stimulations. …
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Final Group Negotiation Stimulation: Reflective Portfolio
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Extract of sample "Final Group Negotiation Stimulation: Reflective Portfolio"

Download file to see previous pages The negotiation was one where the two parties had equally convincing and appropriate points and each of them deserved to win in terms of their discussions. The case requires a win-win theory to be applied (Jandt, 1987). The main reason being that the arguments from both ends are valid and both the arguments are pluralist in nature, i.e. the good of the island and its people is in the mind of both the parties. There is a very famous saying in negotiation, i.e. ‘those who don’t ask don’t get’. Hence each of the two negotiators has put forth their requirements. It is essential that the island does have tourism available which will become a major income for the island and yet it is also essential that the beauty of the island is maintained. Hence the theory used here is the Win-win theory of negotiation (E. Lawler & B. Markovsky (Eds.)).
The second case is that of Fernet Bros. The case involves the development of a contract between Fernet Brios and the Zijan Mining in China. The companies are required to decide how the final spilled will take place. The situation is one where the companies need to definitely utilize the BATNA Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement Theory and apply this before getting into the contract (Bazerman, Mannix, & Thompson, 1988). Using the BATNA will allow the companies to make a more reasonable and informed decision and will allow the companies to develop a contract that meets the needs of both parties and the best alternatives that are present to be used.
The final case is that of car purchases. The case revolves around the negotiation between the purchaser and the seller of a used car and how the two need to resolve the issue. Here the case requires that both the purchaser of the car gets a good deal while the seller also gains enough from the car purchase. Here the negotiation theory needs to be applied for the negotiation to be successful among the two parties and so that both parties involved get a reasonable and successful deal (Gibbons, 1992). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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