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Art of Negotiation - Assignment Example

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This paper highlights that dispute or rather a disagreement is among the many factors that result in the individual, business, economic and social growth retardation. Therefore, a dialogue is important between the disputing parties to enhance their growth and development. …
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Art of Negotiation
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Extract of sample "Art of Negotiation"

Dispute or rather a disagreement is among the many factors that result to the individual, business, economic and social growth retardation. Therefore, a dialogue is important between the disputing parties to enhance their growth and development. Dialogue is important as a common goal is reached hence achievement of various individual or group interest. Negotiations can occur anywhere. For instance, personal situations such as parenting and marriages, national situations, governmental issues, organizational matters among others. Conflict and disagreements are bound to happen, however, their resolution measures determine how effective the situation is to be handled. Effective negotiation skills are the solution to every conflict despite the extent of the conflict.
Leaving the money on the table is a lose-lose negotiation skill. In lose-lose situation both parties in dispute end up being worse off. Each party in this situations feels that they have lost and therefore none claim being discriminated. In some case, a win-win option is available but the involved parties are not aware.
In the case of two prisoners being convicted of similar crimes, lose-lose, win-lose or win-win situation can happen. This depends on how the criminals individually responds to the allegations against them. If both the criminals confess to the charges are maximum equally sentenced lose-lose situation occurs. If neither of them confesses to the charges and a minimum sentence is laid on them, then they experience a win-win situation. However, if one prisoner accepts and the others decline the allegation at the expense of the other, making his or her opponent face sentence alone, then a win-lose situation occurs.
In many countries, elections are bound to have some disputes especially after announcement of final results. None of the candidates believes and wants to accept the fact that they have been defeated. Therefore, allegations are made on petty issues such as biased counting of votes, bribing of voters, ineffective electoral process, and instrumental failure among others. In such situation, an effective negotiation skill have to be put in place to avoid long and short term effects to the nation. For instance, war and rivalry among communities.
As a negotiator, I would use my negotiating skills in this situation in a wise manner. In the case some of the allegation by the loser have some basis, lose-lose situation would have to take place. Investigation could be carried out and if there is some truth in the loser's allegation, the winner and the loser will not have the position. Both the winner and the loser, who seeks negotiation to get the position claiming to legally owning it will lose it. The candidates will then be given a chance to compete again in a more transparent manner hence giving them a sense of equal consideration.
In case the allegation by the loser does not have a solid foundation and no evidence is attached to them, a win-lose situation is appropriate. In such a case, the winner is crowned the leader while the loser made to understand the reasons behind it. In this instance, results declare the winner.
Conflict resolution through negotiations is one of the most appropriate strategies to enhance peace. Effective negotiation skills are thus the solution to such disputes as the conflicting parties are given consideration without giving priority to any of them. The parties are made to understand the cause and the effect to various situations hence mutual agreement and elimination of hard feeling. Through this, wars, tribal divides, community rivalry and other undesirable elements are eliminated hence social and economic growth.
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