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Does Social Class Influence the Chances of Being Involved in a Crime - Essay Example

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The essay "Does Social Class Influence the Chances of Being Involved in a Crime?" discovers the existing correlations between the social class and crime involvement. …
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Does Social Class Influence the Chances of Being Involved in a Crime
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Extract of sample "Does Social Class Influence the Chances of Being Involved in a Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Things like gang violence and its connection to the entertainment industry are reasons for these stereotypes, although there are gangs in socially affluent neighborhoods that cause problems as well. Another issue that is present is that since people from lower social classes come from lower-income homes, they will grow up in poorer neighborhoods and, therefore, have a lesser education than others, as “individuals or areas suffer from a combination of linked problems such as unemployment, poor skills, low incomes, poor housing, high crime environments, bad health and family breakdown” (Bilton 2002, P. 81). This will lead to them not having the same chances at a career and being more likely to turn to a life of crime. People from lower classes are not inherently more likely to commit crimes, but the stereotypes that are present about these classes have led to this belief becoming prevalent and the lack of education for these people has led to many of them turning to a life of crime in response.
Through things like the music industry and the film industry, inner-city areas in places like Los Angeles County have been the victim of mythology. This mythology portrays the inner city as the only source of gang-related activity in the area. The most famous example of this is the city of Compton, which has been made into a war ground by various movies and albums when the truth is, gang-related activities are happening all over the Los Angeles area. This myth can cause people who do not know any better to both be scared of the inner city and also be lulled into a false sense of security about their own area of the city because “incidents inner-city unrest were defined as race riots, and, more generally, there was a strong association between race and violence, conflict, crime, and social problems. Van Dijk points out that even the non-violent actions of ethnic minority people often attracted the use of aggressive metaphors by the press” (Bilton 2002, P. 179). Street gangs are a problem that needs to be dealt with countywide, not just in the inner cities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Does Social Class Influence the Chances of Being Involved in a Crime Essay, n.d.)
Does Social Class Influence the Chances of Being Involved in a Crime Essay.
(Does Social Class Influence the Chances of Being Involved in a Crime Essay)
Does Social Class Influence the Chances of Being Involved in a Crime Essay.
“Does Social Class Influence the Chances of Being Involved in a Crime Essay”.
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