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Should Same-Sex Relationships Have the Right to Adopt - Article Example

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The paper “Should Same-Sex Relationships Have the Right to Adopt?” estimates to the religious and moral arguments against same-sex adoption: supposedly gays are criminally minded and can occur kid molesters; same-sex spouses cannot bring up traditional social gender values in their kids etc.
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Download file to see previous pages Critics maintain that same-sex parents will not be able to instill the proper ethical and moral systems onto their adopted children; they also claim that a same-sex household will be unable to teach children traditional gender roles. Some critics even believe that homosexuals are criminally minded and can only be viewed as child molesters who cannot reproduce themselves and must, therefore, convert the youth of America to their way of thinking.  American institutions such as the American Psychiatric Association believe in a utilitarian ethical standpoint when it comes to same-sex adoption: this means that adoption is viewed in terms of what is best for the child in question.  Same-sex homes can provide a loving, stable family life for children who would otherwise be placed in foster care, facing depression and other mental issues and costing the state money. 
A heterosexual couple who cannot have children will often consider adoption; it is a morally sound commitment to take on the life of a child and ensure it is healthy, happy and socially well-adjusted.  A same-sex couple facing the same infertility concerns, however, will often face discrimination and stereotypical views when they try to adopt a child of their own.  Around half of all American adoption agencies will not allow same-sex couples to adopt, and only 40% of these will allow single gay parents to adopt simply because of their sexual orientation.  Gay adoption is a relatively recent concern in American contemporary history and the idea only took root in the 1970s following the declassification of homosexuality as a mental disorder. 
While there are many national organizations and individual citizens who believe in the ability of a same-sex couple to raise a child as well as, if not better than, a traditional heterosexual couple, critics cite a variety of reasons why this is not so.  Often, critics of same-sex adoption believe that only a mother and father can instill the proper values on a child, or that being raised by same-sex parents will cause social problems later on in childhood and adulthood.  From a legal standpoint, States in America are often at odds with one another; the growing trend in a legislature, however, is that adoption should be viewed purely by its merit to the child.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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