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Feminism and the Role of Women in Society - Term Paper Example

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In "Feminism and the Role of Women in Society" paper, the author briefly overviews the women's right to occupy the working place they like. The author discusses some of the prejudices existing in the society concerning women's rights in general and their job positions in particular.  …
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Feminism and the Role of Women in Society
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Extract of sample "Feminism and the Role of Women in Society"

Download file to see previous pages Women are not satisfied any longer with the role of the mother, house-wife in everyday life. They desire to fulfill themselves in the professional sphere and to become successful and profitable in their career. Women do not want to stay and hope and perform the role, which is expected from them by the society.

Contemporary women want to attain a pinnacle of success in their careers. They want not only to earn their cup of tea but also to satisfy their needs for self-determination and their healthy ambitions. Kristin Luker in her “Dubious Conceptions” touches upon the problem of the influence of feminism on the women's position in the family and their attitude to family values / Luker, 1996/.

Luker discusses the problem of childbirth and women’s decision to give birth to a child in contemporary society. According to her book women of the end of the 20th century are less expected to get married at an early age and are more probable to bear children without the previous marriage. The reasons for this are dubious. First of all, it is the fact that society is more tolerant of the conduct, which was not accepted some decades ago. The second is the women's emancipation, their awareness of their rights and wider prospects for self-fulfillment.

This means that women feel independent from males and feel free to choose that sort of social behavior, which satisfies them particularly. Women want to take an active part in the money-earning process. They want to be appreciated in their true value for their professional skills and personal qualities. On the other hand, many inherently feminine professions can’t satisfy women any longer. Socially determined list of professions, which are available to average women, is to narrow to suffice for women. Some women argue that they are indignant over the fact that women are expected to occupy only such positions as secretary, sales-person, hairdresser, manicurist, nurse, teacher, phone-operator and the like.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Feminism and the Role of Women in Society Term Paper - 1.
(Feminism and the Role of Women in Society Term Paper - 1)
Feminism and the Role of Women in Society Term Paper - 1.
“Feminism and the Role of Women in Society Term Paper - 1”.
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