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Psychology of Women - Essay Example

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The perspective of women in the media is one that is based on the gender biases of the time as well as the expected roles that each gender holds in society. Different films that are presently created show how the concept of gender is one that is depicted by social expectations…
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Psychology of Women
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"Psychology of Women"

Download file to see previous pages The first portrayal of bias in the media is seen through the concept of feminism, which is represented by the main character, Margaret Tate. This character is seen as an independent woman from the beginning, and is often referred to as a witch by others in the office. Margaret is recognized as successful and as an editor that is able to help her publishing company reach more success. The feminist perspective and bias that is noted from the beginning is one that shows the independence of the working woman and the way that women who are independent act toward others. For a woman to carry this level of success, compromises of being a woman are made. As the movie continues, this is seen as Margaret reveals that she has given up a social life and marriage for the sake of the business and to be an independent woman. This relates directly to the juxtaposed debates of feminism, which states that working women can’t be housewives and often compromise ideas of femininity for their success. This results as an expectation from society and what is occurring among others in the office.
The concept of feminism and independence is one of the most important aspects of this film with the reversal of expectations that begin to occur. This relates directly to the main plot, which shows Margaret asking Andrew to marry her for the sake of her job. Margaret takes the role of a male in her assertiveness and in her proposal to Andrew at the beginning of the film. The media portrays Margaret as the feminist who is independent and who will do anything for the sake of her job while leaving behind her traditional role. This is important for the identity of feminism and the perception of how women take this role in society. However, the media also shows the underlying tone of feminism and how this is an illusion. By the end of the film, Margaret is seen as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Psychology of Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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