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Political Motivation: Intelligence Czar - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Political Motivation: Intelligence Czar” the author describes how he deals with reluctant department heads who refuse to meet with him regarding information sharing on terrorists and terrorist groups. He gives them a final opportunity to discuss their own concerns or ideas with him…
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Political Motivation: Intelligence Czar
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Extract of sample "Political Motivation: Intelligence Czar"

Download file to see previous pages At the same time, I would be informing those above me in the chain of command of these individuals’ reluctance to allocate appropriate meeting time for the implementation of the country’s new policies with the intention of pressuring their jobs for failure to cooperate. If the problem has been merely a question of scheduling, this deadline impetus would serve to inspire these department heads to make the time necessary to discuss the issues before they are forced to comply with the policies and procedures they had no part in developing and no say in how these practices would be implemented in their own departments. It would also serve to remind them that we are motivated to get this process underway as quickly as possible and will not allow one or two individuals to stall the protection of the nation for purely selfish reasoning. On the other hand, if the problem has more to do with political motivation or corruption, this would be brought out by such a deadline-based move and, with open communication between myself and those above me in the chain of command, we would be able to work towards cleaning out the bad eggs and creating an efficient, cooperative system.
Because of the time involved in creating this plan, especially considering the additional research that would be necessary for me to develop an appropriate plan to protect the interests of the nation as well as the individual departments and privacy of the nation’s security information without the benefit of knowledge and inside information from the FBI and CIA department heads, I would implement strategies such as mandating certain records be transferred to my office for the express use of developing this plan and requiring lesser officials to answer questions that might arise during the investigation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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