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Concept Mapping of Social Communication and it's HIstorical Contexts - Case Study Example

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The paper "Concept Mapping of Social Communication and it's HIstorical Contexts" states that it is necessary to underline that almost all methods of concept mapping, as probably other methods of statistical analysis, require the same level of technology…
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Concept Mapping of Social Communication and its HIstorical Contexts
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Extract of sample "Concept Mapping of Social Communication and it's HIstorical Contexts"

Download file to see previous pages Communication being a complex social phenomenon relies on a number of related phenomena and processes, particularly history and traditions in communities or human groups, cultural determinants in a certain society, the political context in which a community or group exists, yet, gender and ethnical variables that also play significant role in the processes of information exchange.
There is no doubt that a researcher attempting not only to define the nets of informational exchange in a social group (whether it is a community of organizational environment) but also to provide a solid analysis of communication, needs to evaluate all of the above-outlined variables. Knowledge and past experience, for example, determine both the quality of information and the ways it is shared. Beliefs and values (what organizational theorists call “organizational climate”) not only affect the nature of communication but also shape people’s attitudes to information. Generally speaking, these factors play a crucial role in the understanding community or human group, evaluating complex social-psychological process that takes place within and, eventually, to bring changes to the environment:
The process of communication in communities and organizations itself as well as related variables that mediate this process has a long theory of research in social science and psychology (Abrams et al, 2005).
Obviously the first to discuss the nature of communicational processes in organizations was American sociologist Jacob Moreno. Moreno examined the implicit social structure of the community (orphan’s asylum) and came to the conclusion that these groups determine the patterns of communication within the community. Moreno’s sociometry methodology was based on asking people about their friends and exploring the structure of relationships in a community and the ways of informational flows (Schein, 1979).
Moreno’s sociometry may be regarded as the first “map” of organizational processes, that also helped visualizing communicational flows. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Concept Mapping of Social Communication and it's HIstorical Contexts Case Study, n.d.)
Concept Mapping of Social Communication and it's HIstorical Contexts Case Study.
(Concept Mapping of Social Communication and it'S HIstorical Contexts Case Study)
Concept Mapping of Social Communication and it'S HIstorical Contexts Case Study.
“Concept Mapping of Social Communication and it'S HIstorical Contexts Case Study”.
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