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Human Rights Organizations as Agents of Change - Essay Example

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In the paper “Human Rights Organizations as Agents of Change” the author analyzes the article by McEntire Kyla, Leiby Michele, and Krain Matthew. Background information into the study identifies human rights organizations as agents of change on human rights practices…
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Human Rights Organizations as Agents of Change
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Extract of sample "Human Rights Organizations as Agents of Change"

Download file to see previous pages Some people may also fail to perceive abuses as such as the organization try to change such perception into identification of abuses. The organizations, following effective awareness, then mobilize people into activism and studies have reported effectiveness of the efforts in changing actions that violate human rights and in reducing abuse cases. Framing helps the organization to achieve their awareness and mobilization initiatives. Many frames exist that vary in degree of effectiveness and such degrees depend on an environment in which the frame is applied. The most popular frames, based on resources from Amnesty International in the United States, are informational frames, personal frames, and motivational frames. The study focused on these frames to develop hypotheses for evaluating success and failure of human rights organizations in their advocacy initiatives (McEntire, Leiby, & Krain 407- 415).
The study used an experimental design in data collection with questionnaire, with measures on an ordinal scale, as the data collection instrument. A fictitious human rights organization was used and used to recruit 1000 participants who were at least 18 years old. The recruits were assigned, randomly, into four groups. One control group did not receive any campaign initiative prior to response, while the other three groups were exposed to any of the three frames that were identified with effectiveness (informational frame, personal frame, and motivational frame). The treatments reflected on the applied frames by Amnesty International in the United States and those of other major human rights organizations (McEntire, Leiby, & Krain 415- 417). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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