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The role of business ethics in the corporate environment - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the views of the public regarding the actual implementation of business ethics in the corporate environment and their impacts on the functioning of the firms and the values created for the shareholders…
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The role of business ethics in the corporate environment
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Extract of sample "The role of business ethics in the corporate environment"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that business ethics is a part of the corporate governance practices of a business. Ethics is not just an academic, legal or moral aspect but in the long term scenarios of business management, corporate ethics is aimed to be established as the essential behavioural traits and part of the organisational philosophy of a corporation which would further strengthen the brand equity of the company and also ensure stable and sustainable growth for the company in the future years. Also, with time, considerations are made regarding the individual consciousness about the application of business ethics in their work which would help to establish self-regulation as an integral part of ethics and corporate governance. Despite the corporate entities, academic institutions, researchers, scholars and practitioners all over the world focusing on the aspect of business ethics and highlighting its role in conducting a profitable and sustainable business, the realm of ethical problems continue to persist in the corporate environment and as a result of which a number of unethical activities and incidences in the corporate environment is often identified. As a result of this, questions arise as to how far the ethical aspects of business management are actually been integrated into the individual organisational approaches of corporate functions and the global stakeholder groups remain sceptical about the integration and real-life implementation of business ethics within the overall business domain. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Role of Business Ethics in the Corporate Environment Essay)
The Role of Business Ethics in the Corporate Environment Essay.
“The Role of Business Ethics in the Corporate Environment Essay”, n.d.
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They are respecting and encouraging the shareholder rights, protecting the interests of all stakeholders, performing the board’s responsibilities properly, following integrity and ethics, and having transparency in transactions. Business ethics too has become an important subject at academic level and also within major organisations. This interest in business ethics is visible in the big organisations’ evident emphasis on promoting non-economic social values. In simple terms, business ethics aims at handling situations where there is a possibility of business going unethical. In other words, as businesses function in social and natural environment, they are supposed to be accountable towards the environment and society they exist...
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In return, though it may not be required by law, but an organization should have this significant consideration of the welfare of its society through its moral thought (Kettunen 137). It has to start giving concerns not just on its profit-making activities but there should enough time for giving something for the community. In line with this, profitable organizations have a moral duty to make charitable contributions in an effort to “give something back” to the community. At some point, this may not be required by law, but an organization should consider itself as a model within a community on showing the importance of being concerned with others. This is a matter of influencing behavior (Holmqvist 68; Thiele 204). For instance,...
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Their importance is hierarchical as explained above. That is, from top to bottom. 2. The potential costs of such an investment is that a lot of money will be pumped into carrying out research that is related to development of medication that can be used to treat the river blindness disease. The revenue likely to be generated from the sale of this drug is likely to be lower than the money invested. However, the benefit of such investment is that millions of lives would be saved. This would help the company to create trust among different stakeholders. In the long run, this drug is likely to generate profits when people realise its effectiveness. 3. Indeed Merck could justify this investment given that their operations are guided b...
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Ethics can be defined as the study of moral which is appropriate for taking decisions after judging the plan of action. The two concepts are linked with each other for most of the firms. It is observed that in today’s competitive world, sustainable development is required in every organisation for its successful operation. It also leads to the enhancement of quality of products and services that they offer to their customers (Aybars and Kutlu, “Managing corporate performance”). Corporate responsibility can be regarded as the degree to which an organization complies with rules and legal guidelines which is made for the betterment of society (Nicolau, “Corporate social responsibility”). The contemporary business practices often iden...
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...CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Introduction Corporate social responsibility is an important but "evolving" concept and thus while it may be easier to define it; it is certainly difficult to explain the motives of a company behind adoption of this strategy. It is believed that firms are not always interested in long term image enhancement that results from CSR but some are simply looking for immediate financial gains accruing from spending on community projects. CSR, regardless of a company's primary objectives, is an important subject of debate in business ethics study since it is commonly believed that if a firm earns from the community, it must return the favor by giving back to the community. The idea makes sense and the argument can...
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... disaster due to lack of liquidity, the current situation becomes a matter of grave concern for all involved. The situation also attests to the fact that transformations in the current economic set-up are gravely required. Conclusion The need of the time is to devise methods and make laws, as well as to make sure of the implementation of all the previous and existing laws to maintain ethical environment. Superimposed on all these requirements is that the business ethics be made an intrinsic part of he curriculums and everyday practices in the corporate and in the whole economic system so as to ward off any future disasters of the same kind. Table Of Contents STRAYER UNIVERSITY 1 ROLE...
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...Running Head: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Cases Analysis CASES: MAPLE LEAF CASE STUDY: AN EXAMPLE OF CRISIS MANAGEMENT Pritesh Patel Professor: Dr. Mark Schwartz Course Code: ADMS3660, C Student No.: 209-586-223 Date: July.28th, 2010 Word Count: 1630 Abstract It is the right of the consumer to use a product without having to worry about any problems that the product may inflict on the consumer. In August 2008, the Canadian food manufacturer Maple Leaf came under close scrutiny after the products the company produced were found to contain Listeria. 22 people died while multiple others suffered serious illnesses. The company immediately suffered a 50 percent decline in sales. This report conducts an ethical analysis...
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Many governments, particularly in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East, are still unable to protect their citizens from the potential abuse of public resources that may arise due to corporate bribery. However, due to different cultural perceptions, there are a number of grey areas when dealing with the issue of bribery in business organizations. For example, it is often difficult to differentiate legitimate political donations or gifts to a business partner from bribes. Many multinational companies working in such areas often use various forms of bribery as a way of competing with other corporate organizations in particular countries. Some of the advantage of corporate bribery includes hefty profits for companies, better relat...
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...Business Ethics and Environment Business Ethics and Environment Q1 The Shareholder Value Maximization began (SVM) in the late 50’s and early 60’s as an idea founded by Arrow-Debreu. It suggested that in the presence of perfect competition and complete markets, eventually the result will be that producers and other stakeholders will pursue their interests (Montier, 2014). The SVM view was based on the theory by Adam Smith that the rational market was an invisible hand. It claimed that one could predict the future income of cash through the current share price in the market. This was a very bold assumption because it is very difficult to predict the future market expectations. It also strongly advocated for the principle that companies...
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...Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics Introduction The economy of the UK largely depends upon the contribution of the public and the private sector towards the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In this study, the discussion will be focused upon the public and the private sectors of the UK economy, in their successful business management practices regarding the structure and culture together with effective methods of managing the behaviour and attitude of the business workforce. The private sector is the part of the national economy that comprises of resources owned by private enterprises. The public sector is the part of the national economy offering essential goods and services that cannot be supplied by the private sectors...
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