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The role of business ethics in the corporate environment - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the views of the public regarding the actual implementation of business ethics in the corporate environment and their impacts on the functioning of the firms and the values created for the shareholders…
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The role of business ethics in the corporate environment
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"The role of business ethics in the corporate environment"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that business ethics is a part of the corporate governance practices of a business. Ethics is not just an academic, legal or moral aspect but in the long term scenarios of business management, corporate ethics is aimed to be established as the essential behavioural traits and part of the organisational philosophy of a corporation which would further strengthen the brand equity of the company and also ensure stable and sustainable growth for the company in the future years. Also, with time, considerations are made regarding the individual consciousness about the application of business ethics in their work which would help to establish self-regulation as an integral part of ethics and corporate governance. Despite the corporate entities, academic institutions, researchers, scholars and practitioners all over the world focusing on the aspect of business ethics and highlighting its role in conducting a profitable and sustainable business, the realm of ethical problems continue to persist in the corporate environment and as a result of which a number of unethical activities and incidences in the corporate environment is often identified. As a result of this, questions arise as to how far the ethical aspects of business management are actually been integrated into the individual organisational approaches of corporate functions and the global stakeholder groups remain sceptical about the integration and real-life implementation of business ethics within the overall business domain. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Corporate governance and business ethics corporate governance. They are respecting and encouraging the shareholder rights, protecting the interests of all stakeholders, performing the board’s responsibilities properly, following integrity and ethics, and having transparency in transactions. Business ethics too has become an important subject at academic level and also within major organisations. This interest in business ethics is visible in the big organisations’ evident emphasis on promoting non-economic social values. In simple terms, business ethics aims at handling situations where there is a possibility of business...
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...Business Ethics and Social Responsibility The Coca-Cola Company since 2002 has been actively involved several projects that focus on controlling the rate HIV/ AIDS spread in Africa. Coca- Cola realized that it had to implement a damage control because of the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in the continent threatened its economic viability and operations within this emerging market (Zhang 2010). The CSR implemented by Coca- Cola Company in this case is both a matter of ethics and strategy. Since HIV/ AIDS now qualifies as a workplace issue, Coca-Cola together with its bottling partners in Africa, formulated a distinctive programme concerned with handling HIV/AIDS in its all workplaces across...
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