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Challenges in the Global Business Enviornment: Ethical Code of Conducts of AT&T - Research Paper Example

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This paper compares the ethical code of conducts of AT & T against two firms. The code of conducts is analyzed based on performance, integrity and external factors. The aim is deployed models that enhance performance and counter the challenges within the business environment. …
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Challenges in the Global Business Enviornment: Ethical Code of Conducts of AT&T
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Download file to see previous pages The research will focus on the AT&T code of ethics. The details will be retrieved from the company's website. This code of ethics will be compared to other competing firms. The research will use Verizon and Sprint as the two competitors. The information will be retrieved from the two companies website. The competitiveness of each code of ethics will be used in establishing the merits and demerits of AT&T own code of ethical conduct. Information from the three firms will be examined, and recordings made based on the structures and natures of the code of ethical conduct. The information on the AT&T code of ethical conduct will be examined with respect to their efforts to adapt to changing technologies and innovative nature of the environment. The challenges associated with the code of ethics will be examined and the proposal made based on the efforts by the two competing firms. Global citizenship efforts by AT & T will be examined, and information recorded.
AT & T has its code of ethical conduct drafted and focused on honest, which entails observing rules set by different organizations under which the firm operates ( AT&T Inc, 2014). These entail maintaining a given standard that will enhance the company's advantage while competing in a global environment. The code of ethical conduct at the firm entails defining personal interests and separating it from the company's interest. The aim is to avoid conflict of interest associated that could arise from the employee's interaction with the external environment. Other issues at the firms' ethical conduct include compliance and disclosure, which are aimed at maintaining a specific standard and working based on international requirements.
Sprints code of ethical conduct entails a friendly working environment that promotes innovation and technology use among its internal and external environments (Sprint, 2013).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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