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Actions of the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld - Essay Example

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This essay describes actions of Donald Rumsfeld. Following the September 11 attacks, the initial US campaign in Afghanistan targets the Tora Bora and the Shah-i-Kot Valley in which al Qaeda was operating. It is Donald Rumsfeld who made the surprising not to deploy extra American forces to hunt bin Laden…
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Actions of the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
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Download file to see previous pages Donald Rumsfeld’s decision to modify Pentagon’s covert action and intelligence was right. The Pentagon that he joined was a monolith determined to win mega wars against two opponents simultaneously. He was uncertain of America’s victory in such wars because the enemies had equal capability and strength. He anticipated for varied threats that required diverse defense capabilities rather than automatic and programmed responses. He, therefore, sought to transform the pentagon by supporting a culture that values creativity and intelligence risk-taking. It is evident that Rumsfeld did not bend both titles. The government’s war against terror calls for a remaking of Pentagon’s and CIA’s activities and incorporate strategies that were not in place by September 11. Currently, there are calls to transfer the use of drones or move the targeted killing program to the Pentagon from CIA. Propaganda is usually distorted information meant to persuade the populace. The internet and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can help people to propagate ideas, whether it is by demonizing the opponent or mobilizing support. It is also inappropriate to use social media for data-mining operation. Data-mining poses a threat to privacy. A social media can provide personal and sensitive data only for it to be used for different purposes other than the intended one.
What the Pentagon did with U-Turn was beneficial though unethical. Under Title 50, the actions helped Pentagon’s intelligence gathering operations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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