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Ethics can be termed as set standards restricting members of any given profession.It is therefore arguable that critical thinking lies within an individual while ethics or ethical reasoning is bound to external factors. The study "Critical Thinking and Ethics" is purposed to relate the two elements…
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Critical Thinking and Ethics
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Critical Thinking and Ethics Number) November 19, (Faculty) Critical Thinking and Ethics Critical thinking can be perceived as being able to clearly think about what to do or believe in based on your own objective analysis and evaluation of matters at hand. It therefore involves self-monitoring, self-discipline, self-direction and creativeness (Elder 2007). Ethics on the other hand can be termed as set standards restricting members of any given profession. It is therefore arguable that critical thinking lies within an individual while ethics or ethical reasoning is bound to external factors. This study purposes to relate the two elements.
The principles and rules of critical thinking are not applicable to ethical reasoning. Besides, critical thinking and ethical reasoning ought to be treated as distinct independent entities. This is because critical thinking are more drawn to human personal qualities as portrayed by (Elder 2007). The ethical reasoning on the other hand are set standards by an institution or even organization as revealed above. This therefore means that any organization can set standards to be followed by its members irrespective of what the members think of the ethics. Furthermore, we can take religious ethics to bring out a much clear understanding of this subject. Each religion is always bound to its ethics which define its code of conduct. Someone from a different religion with different ethical codes of conduct may then critically perceive the other religion to be bound by erroneous behavior but that is just how he or she alone thinks.
It is imperative to acknowledge that logic is not the psychology of reasoning but instead the principle of correct reasoning (Lau & Chan 2004-2015). Therefore, even if everyone followed the rules and guidelines of logic there would still be need for decision ethical making. This is because different people reason differently and many a times people tend to uphold to their reasoning even when it is not ethically right. As much as we are bound by the rule of logic to principles of correct reasoning ethical reasoning should still be treated as a distinct entity with its own principles.
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