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Has Americas foreign policy been successful in the Middle East - Research Paper Example

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The research paper intends to determine whether the foreign policies of America have been successful in distinct regions of the Middle East. However, the foreign policies of the United States that are implemented in various Middle East nations are duly considered to be full of disrespect…
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Has Americas foreign policy been successful in the Middle East
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Extract of sample "Has Americas foreign policy been successful in the Middle East"

Download file to see previous pages The foreign policy of America represents the ways of interacting with different overseas nations of the world along with setting standards for interacting with the individual citizens, corporations and organizations. The prime goal of the US foreign policy is to establish a secure, prosperous and democratic world, which would serve beneficial for the people of America and others as well as who belong to various international countries. In this context, the US has separated foreign policies for the Middle East countries that determine its relation in terms of carrying out effective trade and foreign relations with the same. The strategic interest of the US over the Middle East countries is the major reason behind the formulation and the execution of the foreign policies.
Justifiably, Middle East nations have huge deposits of oil and therefore acquiring this product is the main strategic interest of the US. The US foreign policy for the Middle East gained its significance after the end of World War II. During the Cold War, the American foreign policy aimed at preventing the anti-communist regimes of Soviet Union towards the Arab countries (Dow Jones & Company, 2015). However, after the attack of 9/11 in the year 2001, the US foreign policy started concentrating on addressing and mitigating anti-terrorism related activities (Johnson, 2015). The US possesses diplomatic relations with different Middle East countries apart from Iran, as this nation once went with anti-American regime in the year 1979 (Chomsky, 2010). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Has Americas Foreign Policy Been Successful in the Middle East Research Paper.
“Has Americas Foreign Policy Been Successful in the Middle East Research Paper”, n.d.
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