To What Extent Has the USA Been Successful In Creating a Durable Liberal World Order - Essay Example

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This paper talks that United State is the super power nation and on an international level it has a position which no other country has. America has been politically dominative country and always played a role in many international issues. America is a great power and has an authoritative power…
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To What Extent Has the USA Been Successful In Creating a Durable Liberal World Order
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that America had been a nation which the whole world idolized in earlier times. However, recently the country has accumulated large amount of hatred and despise due its overpowering nature. The political strategy of America had proved to be selfish and rebellious. America has earned an image of hegemony with interests those conflicts with its counterparts. America has had war all over Middle East and has changed their ruler and also intimidated people to fight for their lives. In the search of terrorist they have killed many innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They have had the enmity of Muslims all over the world and had been tagged as the most threatening nation. America even became the target of radicals due to their imperialistic nature
This paper makes a conclusion that the imperialism of America lies in their act of monopolizing the world business market. They decide the trade of oil and have technological power over other nations. America had been involving in the political affairs of all nations and interferes in worldly matters to find their benefit. America has the interest of being the super power of the world and they had done many atrocities and tactics to remain on top. The country has had many enemies and will continue to increase their enemies due to their foreign policy and hidden political agendas. America have been advantageous to world in many ways, however their political strategy is seriously selfish and unacceptable. To remain in power, the country has used many principles which make them an immoral country on many accounts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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