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Plastic Surgery - Dissertation Example

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The report “Plastic Surgery attempts to give factual information regarding the perception and view of plastic surgery, the corset and the Japanese tattoo. The research findings are that people are willing to undergo harsh means in the search for more beauty, comfort and confidence…
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Plastic Surgery
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Extract of sample "Plastic Surgery"

Download file to see previous pages The concept of the script is to illustrate cruel beauty. The collection entails the clothes suitable for the autumn/winter of 2017. The clothes are menswear. Savage beauty under the context relates to the Japanese tattoo, the corset as well as plastic surgery. The use of the three beautification approaches is ancient in their form. From ancient civilizations, people are particular regarding enhancement of beauty. The use of the corset explains a garment that tends to befit the wearer into a shape that fits the garment and not the human. The Japanese’s tattoo reveals extreme measures. The clothing tends to train the torso into an aesthetic form. A view of the history includes the use of the corset by both genders with the most ancient picture of the attire being 2000BC to appear (Lemire and Riello, 2008: p.912). On the other hand, the Japanese tattoo explains the instance of body decoration. The implication is that the skin is a garment and one that cannot fade away after the application of the ink. The tattoos have particular reasons such as for decorative or spiritual ends. The tattoos first image to come into contact with the modern man tends to date back to about 10,000BC (Westlake, 2012). On the other hand, plastic surgery is the alteration of the body form or the subsequent restoration. The practice dates back to the Old Kingdom that was in rule between 3000-2500BC (Westlake, 2012).The practices were also in practise in the ancient civilization of Egypt as per the Papyrus by Edwin Smith. However, the instance was in the repair of noses. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Teens and Plastic Surgery

...that which they do not want to have, they decide to get a plastic surgery. But the idea that lies behind is the only one, and that is to change the way they look like because they are unhappy and want to get appreciated by their friends. Thus, the main causes why teens go for plastic surgery are pessimistic self-evaluation and mental displeasure or frustration (Nichols and Good 153). The trend is also increasing since it was 306,000 teens getting it in 2000 and in 2005, the number was 333,000 (Masui). History The history of plastic surgery began during the World War II. Mass destruction caused by modern weapons caused huge deformities in...
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...arance becomes the only means by which they are measured by society, there is no room for internal qualities to develop or gain appropriate merit. Instead, people are so obsessed about presenting the right external view that they commit suicide over pimples and go into debt over waistlines. This shallow, obsessive view is especially present among teenagers, both male and female, as they rush to have plastic surgery to perfect their bodies instead of making the best of what they have. Not only can it be harmful to psychological and physical health, but it is harmful to society as it is encouraged by role models and supported by parents. Many adolescents don’t seem to realize that plastic surgery is still surgery and they rush to get it...
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..., but what is not emphasized are the negative effects that plastic surgery is having on people who undergo such medical procedure. It has long been established that plastic surgery can actually aid people with physical defects restore their self-esteem and improve their outlook in life. This would apply to people who were born with or have acquired physical deformities that have caused ridicule from other people. This type of plastic surgery is without a doubt reasonable and helpful. However, the increasing number of plastic surgery procedures indicates that plastic...
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...alth, happiness and freedom. However, even for these people, this restricted view of the ideal has several negative effects on the individual as well as society. With so much attention given to the way a person looks on the outside as being the only social measure, there is very little room for internal characteristics to receive their rightful attention. People also spend so much time obsessing about the way they look that there is little time or energy for personal development. This shallow, obsessive view can be especially seen in the alarming numbers of teenagers, both male and female, seeking plastic surgery, because it can be potentially harmful to the individual’s psychological nature and physical health, and as it is...
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Plastic Surgery

...time or energy for personal development. This shallow, obsessive view can be especially seen in the alarming numbers of teenagers, both male and female, seeking plastic surgery, because it can be potentially harmful to the individual’s psychological nature and physical health, and as it is perpetuated by their role models and peers and encouraged or supported by their parents and elders. As it becomes more socially acceptable, more people are turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their bodies while they’re still attending high school. They are working to construct the ideal form without giving their bodies a chance to finish growing. Many adolescents (and the parents that allow...
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...: cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. Cosmetic plastic surgery also called aesthetic cosmetic plastic surgery seeks to improve the patient’s features on a purely aesthetic level. It alters a part of the body the person is not satisfied with. Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures include making the breasts larger (augmentation mammoplasty) or smaller (reduction mammoplasty), removing pockets of fat from specific areas of the body (liposuction), reshaping the nose (rhinoplasty), and others. On the other hand, the purpose of reconstructive...
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...will. With new faces and bodies, people become their own works of art” (Paglia, 791). The statement illustrates that plastic surgery has changed the perception of beauty where the western woman has high regards when it comes to beauty since she was the first to hit entertainment industry hence women undergo plastic surgery to gain perfection. Later in her article, she argues on this perception since the process of plastic surgery is risk and one may end up turning from bad to worse if the surgery fails. In the case of cosmetic surgery, “what neurological risks be there in the long term use of Botox a...
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...eliable analysis. Table of content 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3 Method 1.4 Limitation 1.5 Background 2. Analysis 2.1 History of breast augmentation procedure 2.2 Rationale for breast augmentation 2.3 Risks 2.4 Possible Causes of Dissatisfaction 2.5 Solution to the challenges 3. Conclusion 4. Recommendations Executive summary This paper will attempt to review the breast augmentation procedure and endeavor to highlight the problems experienced with the breast enhancement and provide better suggestion on how this can be dealt with conclusively. This report has considered focusing on the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami. The institute has earned a reputation of paying close attention to the...
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