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Number of celebrities spends a lot of money in different types of cosmetic surgeries. A few examples of the most popular plastic surgeries are liposuction, breast…
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Plastic Surgery Complications
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Under the certified plastic surgeons, risk and complications in any sort of Cosmetic surgery is not very high. Number of celebrities spends a lot of money in different types of cosmetic surgeries. A few examples of the most popular plastic surgeries are liposuction, breast lifting, face lifting and so many others. People spend huge price to get more beautiful and attractive by the mean of plastic surgery. However, surgery is a surgery. Surgery is not advisable until and unless there is a proper need for it. One must discuss all pros and cons with a few surgeons and should refer to online articles that can easily be searched with the help of numerous searching engines.
A very common problem in surgery that may occur is anesthesia or Sedation. Possible problems and complications including irregular heartbeat, brain injure, heart attack, blood clots, any sort of stoke, nervous breakdown, paralysis and in the worst cases, death is also possible. Ex- Miss Argentina, Solange Mahnano who was just 37 year old passed away due to a plastic surgery, leaving seven year old twins behind (CNN, 2009).
Anesthesia can occasionally aggravate air passages, that may result in tremor of the vocal cords and blockage of the airway may occur. Another complication could be Malignant Hyperthermia that may result in the complicated disorder in one’s Blood pressure, heartbeat and body temperature. If not recognized and treated quickly, can lead to death. This may be inherited. In case, circulation of blood is upset up to severe extent then it may also cause Brain Damage or failure. Due to a few muscular disorders, patient might suffer Temporary paralysis. However, Temporary Paralysis can be recovered.
It is always advisable to discuss complete medical history that could be any lung disease or any other disorder with your physician or surgeon. Heart Patients must not go for cosmetic surgery in any case as it could result in severe complications.
In almost all the surgeries, bleeding cannot be avoided and is treated normally. Especially in hair transplant, noticeable bleeding is expected. However, bleeding at extreme level and bleeding right after the surgery can gather beneath the skin and a need of another surgery may arise. Similarly, DVT or blood clots may occur due to long operations. General anesthesia might cause DVT. It can take place as a consequence of blood pooling, especially, in the case of pregnancy etc. It is not very normal to deal with such situation. Plastic Surgery Truth published that Cosmetic surgery is very popular these days. People, being unaware of the consequences, are happy and satisfied with the short term results and their refer friends and family. This causes increase in the revenue of surgeons (2008).
It is hard to comment if the plastic surgery is harmful. Based on surveys and research etc, it has been found out that many people look satisfied with their surgery results while many regret their decisions (Kita, 2009). Another finding discloses that initially, people turn happy with their decision of going for plastic surgery while in later ages, they come across many complications. However, artificial is artificial. If there is any option to avoid cosmetic surgery then it is better to avoid it and go for the alternative. A famous example of surgery consequences is Michael Jackson who could not expose to sun light in his later age. People say good surgeons can never cause regrets to patients. This point doesn’t seem to be valid as comparatively, celebrities like Michael Jackson and Miss Argentina could spend more on themselves and could find the most trustworthy and qualified surgeons to conduct their surgeries. It is not wrong to say a person should be ready for any sort of consequences before proceeding with cosmetic surgery.
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