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Long-term Psychological Satisfaction & Plastic Surgery - Research Paper Example

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This paper highlights that long-term psychological satisfaction is not guaranteed after plastic surgery even if the immediate results boost attractiveness, quality of life and self-efficacy. Advances in modern technology has affected the daily life of an individual…
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Long-term Psychological Satisfaction & Plastic Surgery
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Extract of sample "Long-term Psychological Satisfaction & Plastic Surgery"

Download file to see previous pages This study outlines that in comparison to the whole world, West has seen a drastic increase in the number of cosmetic surgeries  and the number is increasing exponentially. In the United States of America, approximately 1.5 million such surgeries have been performed. Approximately 8.5 million plastic surgeries are performed worldwide annually. These numbers and statistics do not include the procedures performed by individuals who are not surgeons for the enhancement of appearance. Hence, the number of such procedures can be much higher. Even though the plastic surgeries are in great demand, such surgeries are also quite controversial in nature. Old school philosophers depict plastic surgeries as a diminished gratitude towards what Nature has gifted everyone. It is thought that the plastic surgeries inflame the idea of racism and age dependent dissimilarities.
As the paper stresses the scientist and scholars have debated on this controversial topic and they put forward the books of societal implications. It has been discussed and documented by researchers that there are various factors that contribute to the increasing popularity of these procedures. These factors include advances in the field of plastic surgery, less invasive procedures, lower cost of the treatments and the increased amount of income of the individuals. It is believed that no one is born perfect but some individuals are not blessed like the others. If a few changes to the body boost their confidence, then there should be no harm in it. It has been discussed in numerous studies that the average facial features and proportions are treated positively in comparison to the less gifted ones. Ironically, this has been engraved in human nature since centuries. Attractiveness can judged with more positive behavior and response from the society. History of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery The incidence and prevalence of plastic surgery is as old as humankind is. It dates back to the existence of ancient times. It is documented that the first surgery was performed in India. It was a nose surgery done in 600 B.C. This surgery is now known as Rhinoplasty. Gasparo Tagliacozzi is named as the “father of modern plastic surgery”. He was an Italian who invented the method of reconstruction of the nose, which resulted due to the fights and clashed between men. Plastic surgery was later on used in the seventeenth and eighteenth century in the Europe after the epidemic of syphilis. Areas Where Plastic Surgery Is a Requirement and Not an Option Plastic surgery is a pioneer in the fields such as nerve generation, tissue engineering and tissue transplantation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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