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The paper "Can People Govern Themselves" discusses if the democracy can work effectively on its own and why do people choose leaders based on qualifications and references, that mean they have a proper managerial skill, and they are organized and goal oriented…
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Can People Govern Themselves
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Can People Govern Themselves A Response to Blog “a” According to blog “a”, a business that only puts qualified people in leadership positions gives out good result while democracy lets any fool who is elected have power and the results are chaos. To an extent, I agree with the above statement because democracy is the rule by vote and a person can be popular based on other factors other than credibility and efficiency. It is not strange to find a company that was running well on profits suddenly collapse due to poor governance based on elected leader. While it is fair to include the views of the people in running an organization or a country, it is also wise to include serious scrutiny of their character and their effectiveness to the position they are being given. Democracy is not entirely bad as sometimes people’s judgment of character can be right through various interactions with the person or people vying for a leadership position; they can be able to tell whether the person will be effective. A person with social skills is highly favored as he or she is thought to understand and solve problems fairly.
Choosing leaders based on qualifications is the other alternative. People with high qualifications and references are thought to have a proper managerial skill, organized and goal oriented. Their dedication to their studies is believed to be also reflected in the work they are entrusted with. However, people can be highly qualified but lack the necessary values needed to work in an organization such as honesty. In summary, democracy cannot work effectively on its own, therefore, when selecting a leader, it is advisable to consider other people’s opinions for effective results. Read More
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Can People Govern Themselves Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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